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Synonyms for bushel

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Synonyms for bushel

a United States dry measure equal to 4 pecks or 2152

a British imperial capacity measure (liquid or dry) equal to 4 pecks

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It is assumed that 56 shakus = 9.33 bu D the thickness of the wall equals 12 bu.
A bo is divided into 4 and 16 sub areas by crossroads, the width of each being 12 bu. A square unit will be 213 bu x 213 bu or 105 bu x 105 bu.
The actual measurements are A = 2,820.3 m = 1,918.6 bu and B = 3,335.7 m = 2,269.2 bu. Furthermore, the south-north length of the Inner Palace is 1,492.1m = 1,015.0 bu.
So examples like (8) actually obey the proposed aspectual restriction on bu. (2) (8) a.
The negation marker for progressive sentences is mei, not bu. (10) Ta mei zai xi zao he not PROG take bath 'He is not taking a bath.'
Examples such as those in (9) thus seem to constitute a problem for the proposed aspectual restriction for bu.
For those [greater than or equal to] 5 years old (group 1), the head nurse interviewed all patients with a disease other than BU. For those <5 years old (group 2), the parents or a guardian of 5 subjects were interviewed from each clinic.
Data were then analyzed to identify potential risk factors for BU. All data on age, sex, region of residence, occupational activity, Mycobacterium boris BCG scar status, and type of domestic water used were recorded during the clinical examination.
In fact, these nonconditional sentences generally have a modal, a quantifier, or an adverb occurring to the left of bu. At first sight, the sentences in (13) through (21) may cause problems to our claim that bu is a focus-sensitive operator.
Note that IC is very important in our account since it governs the interpretation of bu within its negation domain with either the focus or the adjacent element, which in turn affects the scope of bu. The interpretation results of the relevant sentences will determine whether the relevant manner phrase or perfective -le has wider or narrower scope with respect to bu (cf.
Sonsuz sayidaki farkhhklarin baris, ve dostluk dunyastdir bu.
Therefore, serologic testing may be useful in the early diagnosis and surveillance of BU.
Surveillance may also identify risk factors as well as prevention strategies for BU.