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relating to plants of the division Bryophyta

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(1985) is inappropriate in our view: in addition to being invalid nomenclaturally (as per article 5 of the ICPN), we understand this proposal to have little floristic support as the three associations attributed to it by its authors appear to be a mixture of elements from bryophytic peatlands with characteristic species from the class Littorelletea australis of temporary lakes (see Deil et al., 2011).
magellanicum; and 2) bryophytic bogs dominated by mosses and liverworts with a lower participation of Sphagnum, more typical of areas with between 1500 and 2500 mm of precipitation per year or even higher.
We venture no opinion on the first of the five associations they propose (sub Cryptochiletum grandiflorae) which describes a pioneering bryophytic community comprising only four bryophytic species and very few vascular plants.
So, if logic is invoked, why expect two different patterns of sporophyte development (bryophytic and tracheophytic) to develop, in concurrence, in virtually identical environments?