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Synonyms for bryophyte

any of numerous plants of the division Bryophyta

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Floristic overview of the epiphytic bryophytes of terra firme forests across the Amazon basin.
Climate threat on the Macaronesian endemic bryophyte flora.
Ethnotherapeutics of bryophyte Plagiochasma appendiculatum among the Gaddi Tribes of Kangra valley, Himachal Pradesh, India.
Altogether 96 vascular plant species and 27 bryophyte species were found in the three plantation types, which is considerably more than the respective figures of 75 and 12 recorded at a young age.
2009.- Niche assembly of epiphytic bryophyte communities in the Guianas: a regional approach.
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The thallophyte syntaxa of bryophytes, lichens and algae have been compiled for the first Europe-wide checklist of high ranked syntaxa including the bryophyte, lichen and algal syntaxa (EuroVegChecklist: MUCINA & al., in press).
pectinatus, and Ranunculus aquatilis; the macro-algae Chara and Cladophora; and the bryophyte, A.
Land use and climate change are the major threats to the existence of mires and mire plants causing extinction or diminishing the distribution of many mire bryophyte species.
A total of 413 plants species were recorded at higher elevation, of which 75 were tree, 86 shrub, 193 herb, 25 climber, 12 pteridophyte, 11 bryophyte, 7 epiphyte, and 4 parasitic species.
The flora of Taibai Mountain is extremely rich, including 1783 seed plant species (597 genera and 126 families), 325 bryophyte species (142 genera and 62 families), and 110 fern species (40 genera and 21 families) [61].
Flora of hickory bog.--Eighteen vascular plant and three bryophyte species were identified in the sampling area in Hickory Bog (Table 1).