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in an inhumane manner

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Many of these were high-value luxury cars that had been brutishly chopped up, whilst another premises in the city centre was used exclusively to store engines ripped from the stolen cars.
While warlords had brutishly governed local areas in other parts of Afghanistan, Asmar's tribes avoided domination under a single authority for centuries.
A beefcake white jersey front-row of Trevor Woodman, Steve Thompson and Phil Vickery was brutishly strong, as is the combination of Adam Jones, Richard Hibbard and Gethin Jenkins.
I do not know, but the persons who allowed themselves, or designed themselves, to be filmed by Oppenheimer (6) are brutishly articulate about their purposes.
Yet when his name was announced pre-match, the acclaim was brutishly underwhelming.
THE weirdest bedfellows in Britain comprise the brutishly inarticulate EDL, Muslims and fundamentalist Christians.
Hareton's brutishly blank countenance, his stupid expression, his foolish grin become loaded physical descriptors in a culture whose popular medical theories (like physiognomy and phrenology) posit external forms as maps to interior qualities, especially in light of contemporary cultural discourse regarding idiocy.
Once established there, he surrounds himself with all the opulent artificial beauty and rare finely-printed books prescribed by the aesthetic movement and remains, in Huysmans' own words, "brutishly determined to wallow in the mud of his own carnality" (211).
Apparently a panel for a decorated chest or cabinet, it was brutishly cropped, presumably to make room (at the expense of Six Muses) for other furniture.
It can't be easy to find the right roles for Yolande Moreau, whose brutishly unladylike features often appear in sharp contrast with the soft-spoken dignity of her characters.
Identifying the husband with Meredith himself, whose own wife Mary had left him for the painter Henry Wallis, we might be tempted to see Modern Love and Meredith with it as brutishly misogynistic and brutally Darwinian in equal measure.
Huddled around the period bar salvaged from one of the most notorious Berlin lesbian and gay clubs of the 1920s (which had been brutishly dismantled in 1963), discussants felt buoyed by the spirit of Hirschfeld, who had once sought refuge there.
Babamukuru drives his daughter Nyasha to her death as steadily and brutishly as Ngugi' s Joshua drives his tradition-loving daughter, Muthoni, to her death in exile in The River Between.
Rajcic's response to such criticism is typically clever and quick, such as her assertion that if she waited "until I really learned the language, so that I could be an author, my life would be long over." (32) Her German abilities are often undervalued, as Baumberger further points out: "Even though the author won the Chamisso Prize in 1994, today she is still sometimes presented as the writing guest worker, who bumblingly, brutishly, incorrectly polishes not only foreign floors, but also foreign words." (33) Such misappropriations of her work echo the "trugerisches Etikett" 'deceptive label' of her early success, when discovered as the female guest worker who writes poetry, she was heralded and shepherded as a rare commodity, a label that still looms over her work.
Whereas the king had brutishly usurped power, Washington declined it in