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in an inhumane manner

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Identifying the husband with Meredith himself, whose own wife Mary had left him for the painter Henry Wallis, we might be tempted to see Modern Love and Meredith with it as brutishly misogynistic and brutally Darwinian in equal measure.
Babamukuru drives his daughter Nyasha to her death as steadily and brutishly as Ngugi' s Joshua drives his tradition-loving daughter, Muthoni, to her death in exile in The River Between.
Whereas the king had brutishly usurped power, Washington declined it in
In fact, prior to Allende's ascension, some sections of the Western media had already started the disinformation campaign, painting Allende as a maniac who would brutishly rob people of their private property in the name of nationalisation.
The reference was to a sermon that the aforementioned John Henry Newman had published some years previously, in which Newman had argued that the brutishly physical part of humanity were so little capable of understanding the humility, innocence, and forbearance of the Church that they took them for hypocrisy and deception.
A vein of gold runs through Chelsea right enough ( John Terry has blossomed into a true leader and inspirational defender, from midfield Frank Lampard plunders goals like a striker, Claude Makelele marks with the closeness of a second skin, Didier Drogba is brutishly strong and scores goals despite his detractors, and Joe Cole is no longer just a showpony but a determined young man of real touch and vision.
The outrageously sculpted and brutishly powerful sports car turned heads, palpitated hearts and became the icon of the brand.
Jimmy Ormond, bowling brutishly quickly, unsettled all the batsmen with his hostility while, for a time, Harbhajan Singh appeared practically unplayable.
Looked at this way, the logic of power is brutishly simple--as is the kind of leadership that follows from it.
It's just brutishly disciplined with the three most consistent defenders in the country - Terry, Carvalho and Paulo Ferreira - plus William Gallas doing a remarkably astute impression of a left-back.
SACRAMENTO - Shaquille O'Neal doesn't deliberately chase milestones so much as he brutishly tramples them in a mad rush to build his legacy.
The idea of a single international standard in our age of diversity, she suggested, is brutishly naive.
Why should a teacher talk to a kid, and God forbid, teach him that certain jokes are unwarranted, when the criminal justice system can do it so much more brutishly.