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Synonyms for brutalize

Synonyms for brutalize

Synonyms for brutalize

treat brutally


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make brutal, unfeeling, or inhuman

become brutal or insensitive and unfeeling

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Bernard, the UL Board of Trustees and authorities at the UL were in a meeting discussing on how to reopen the registration process, before members of the Liberia National Police showed up and allegedly started brutalizing their colleagues.
In this violent and brutalizing environment, Goldberg struggles to retain his humanity without being taken for a patsy.
Sunni, Shia and Kurd may agree on little else, but all have made sport of brutalizing their Christian neighbours, hundreds of whom have been slaughtered since the U.
During his fiscal binge, the folks extending him all that credit are well aware that the person using your card has locked you away in the basement and is regularly brutalizing you.
Because if it weren't for some kind of deep and sick fascination with brutalizing myself and playing music that is barely palatable, I probably wouldn't be involved--it doesn't payoff in any sort of monetary fashion whatsoever.
For another, Iraq is far weaker, militarily, than it was the first time around, so this war is likely to be even more like an extermination job than a traditional military encounter--which may be good for the United States in the short run, but likely to be brutalizing in its long-term effects.
And in a year when the festival ran a sidebar on German cinema, three movies from that country took prizes, including best director for Oliver Hirschbiegel's thriller, The Experiment, a harrowing portrayal of a brutalizing psychological probe.
Living in such a brutalizing world--the speed, the constant stress, the state of deep struggle as we try to cope with hardships in our lives--then listening to the prayer to somebody who is bigger then us, mightier than us, does make a difference,' says Sister Teresa.
In retrospect, this misreading seems to have triggered the central concern of Araeen's career: how to contest and contend with a culturally brutalizing and patronizing mode of consumption and interpretation of non-Western art by Western audiences.
Consider, for example, the recent Persian Gulf crisis, the brutalizing of a citizen in Los Angeles by one of the best trained police forces in the US, and the environmental havoc wrought by the Exxon Valdez.
Dick Meister is wrong when he characterized capital punishment as ``that senseless, brutalizing act of revenge and retribution.
Nilda Roman, a welfare recipient from New York, joined Graves in criticizing Clinton, pointing out that the new welfare law forces people out of educational programs and into employment that is often demeaning and brutalizing.