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Synonyms for brutalize

Synonyms for brutalize

Synonyms for brutalize

treat brutally


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make brutal, unfeeling, or inhuman

become brutal or insensitive and unfeeling

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This year's concert commemorates the Bataan Death March during World War II, in which thousands of captured Americans were brutalized enroute to prisoner of war camps operated by the Japanese.
the some fourteen Creditistes MPs from Quebec, Catholics all, who you say quoted frequently from the teachings of Thomas Aquinas and Catholic moral teaching, but were hounded, ridiculed, mocked and verbally brutalized by the English-speaking media as "extremists" while contemptuously ignored by haughty Liberal Party MPs who helped crush them and Christian morality.
and how its citizens came to terms with the 1998 beating death of Matthew Shepard, a young gay man brutalized and left to die in a lonely field of prairie grass.
The perpetrator was sentenced in January 1997 to 22 years imprisonment, after the count was told that he beat his children, sexually assaulted one of them, scalded them and brutalized them for years.
We glimpse them first laid out like corpses, then pleading, needling, slapping bodies and stools against the floor like instruments of torture, or being brutalized by rape, if that is the right word to describe an act in which violence, comfort, and need are equally present.
McTeague, initially free of the destructive avarice that defines Trina and his friend and rival Schouler, is a bovine "natural man," brutalized by the more rapacious urban characters.
How many other people have been brutalized by the Los Angeles Police Department is an open question.
In her early writing, she treats the loss of innocence in a brutalized world.
The FBI's practice of including only female rape victims in its annual Uniform Crime Report on violent crime is outdated and ignores the vast numbers of men who are raped and sexually brutalized in prison, the director of the nonprofit human rights group Stop Prisoner Rape said today.
Magdalene Ashraf was raped, brutalized and thrown off the 4th floor of Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center.
Published in observance of the 50th anniversary of the murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till, who was murdered by lynching in Mississippi in 1955, Nelson's sonnets explore innocence brutalized with painstaking beauty.
Such kids are imprisoned inside the walls of a former factory by a large lake (hence the title), where they're ruthlessly brutalized and indoctrinated with the hardest of Communist hard lines.
Our friends and loved ones (especially if they are people of color or are poor) are being sent to prison, usually for drug and other nonviolent offenses, and are then being brutalized in an environment of total unaccountability.
prisons, including the most brutalized, will some day walk the streets among the general population again.
So many Canadians commit legal torture and legal murder to secure what they consider to be their rights, and we, as a society, become brutalized as a result and cannot call ourselves civilized.