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Synonyms for brutalization

the condition of being treated in a cruel and savage manner

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the activity of treating someone savagely or viciously

an act that makes people cruel or lacking normal human qualities

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TUNIS (TAP) - Tunisia 1/2strongly[c] condemns the incursion of the Israeli forces in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, the ban imposed on prayers to enter the compound and the brutalization of several of them.
During his stay in Tehran, he will participate in the meeting of the Parliamentary Union of OIC Members Countries (PUIC) on the ongoing brutalization and innocent killings being waged by the Zionist regime on the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip and Israeli occupied Palestinian territories.
Congress leader Rita Bahuguna Joshi added, "Not only rape and murder but brutalization is happening in UP.
further escalation, oppression and brutalization of the Palestinian people.
Ramallah, Sha'ban 21, 1435, Jun 19, 2014, SPA -- The Palestinian foreign ministry, in a statement Thursday, strongly condemned statements made by Israeli Deputy Minister of Defense Danny Danon, in which he, along with other Israeli extremist officials, called for further escalation, oppression and brutalization of the Palestinian people.
Bagian-Aleyesa Abdulkarim, a sociology professor, suggested that religious prejudice may have played a role in the unwitting brutalization of the evacuees: "Maybe it's because they're Muslims.
For nearly the last three years the authorities have doggedly pursued an "iron fist" solution to a peaceful, civilian-led uprising, with the result being death, destruction and brutalization on a scale that has horrified the civilized world.
As Piddy witnesses and experiences abandonment, harassment, and brutalization, she realizes that her own reaction is most important.
Without safe placements, access to highly trained therapists and other experts, we are powerless to stop the brutalization and re-victimization of the youth the child welfare system seeks to protect.
The tendency of high-energy spending societies to become more authoritarian over time reflects abuse of power at multiple levels--think, for example, of factory farming and the brutalization of animals, or even the tyranny of modern banking.
or die, or witness the brutalization or the death of your loved ones.
The intense images reveal a society in which mechanized killing and brutalization of the weak by the strong is the norm, as is our willful blindness.
The ENCDC said it denounced "the brutalization and killings of Eritrean refugees in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula by murderous Bedouin organ traffickers".
Milotte's work emphasizes the physical brutalization and the trauma the mothers suffered.
Contrary to the arguments of anti-Islamic demagogues of the type that inspired the twin bombings and shootings in Norway in July of 2011, Akyol (a columnist for the Turkish newspapers Hurriyet Daily News and Star) argues that authoritarianism, oppression, and brutalization in Islamic societies should be seen as coming from the hands of authoritarians, oppressors, and brutalizers who just happen to be Muslim, rather than from Islam in and of itself.