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Synonyms for brutalize

Synonyms for brutalize

Synonyms for brutalize

treat brutally


Related Words

make brutal, unfeeling, or inhuman

become brutal or insensitive and unfeeling

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brIn a recent case, a two-year-old was reportedly brutalised by his step-father, leaving him with a broken leg, swollen eye and numerous soft-tissue injuries.
INNOCENT VICTIM Little Daniel was battered, starved and brutalised
His rhetoric on Syria particularly shocked the masses when, during the time Syrians were being brutalised by their own leader, Chavez famously said in 2012, "How can I not support Al Assad?
Mr Hurst said: "The Crown say whatever happened beforehand, when it came down to the main episode any consent had gone and he brutalised and raped her.
Daltrey said: "With Pete, I have watched a friend being brutalised.
They brutalised England 14 months ago, trashed Johnson's reputation before the World Cup, were tainted by allegations of racism and terrorised their own players in an inhuman training camp.
They are brutalised, they are taught to hate, they are taught to attack.
When Baby P's short and brutalised life became known, thousands turned up to cry near his little grave.
Before the war, this would have been unthinkable as Saddam and his thugs brutalised and terrorised anyone who dared speak their mind.
Colonel Terry Carrico, warden of the Camp X-Ray prison at Guantanamo naval base in Cuba, said the 158 detainees, three of them Britons, understood they were not going to be brutalised.
Frost, 29, followed Louise as she walked to her Bristol home in the early hours and having brutalised her and taken her life pitched her body down a quarry.
He then dragged her to his fourth-floor flat and brutalised her for 10 hours on August 24 last year.
It makes my blood boil when I hear of young defenceless children being brutalised by people who, time after time, have denied access to a social worker, usually a female who feels intimidated.
Four out of the five raped, brutalised and murdered her, and it was this fifth man's testimony that led to prison sentences back home.
It would give vastly increased rail freight capacity, while terrain has already been brutalised by motorways.