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Synonyms for brutalisation

the condition of being treated in a cruel and savage manner

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the activity of treating someone savagely or viciously

an act that makes people cruel or lacking normal human qualities

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Mirwaiz said that the violence that the state has wreaked on us is largely responsible for this kind of brutalisation, as the police are being used against the people in the most brutal ways which leads to brutal reactions," he said.
Of course, all their pretences to the espousal of human rights and human causes stands shredded ignobly by their indifference, in most cases, to the Gazans' pathetic plight, and outright defence, in certain cases, of the Israeli brutalisation of the Gazans.
simply because of their faith represents brutalisation and barbarism stooping to new lows.
With more than four rapes every 24 hours in the months after the brutalisation of a 23- year- old woman in a moving bus on December 16 last year, the city's ' rape capital' tag is more apt than ever.
The brutalisation of women and prostitution go hand in hand and victims of this seedy trade are constantly under threat from greedy pimps and violent clients.
She charges that while paying lip service to the traditional principles of Judeo-Christian morality, these trendy politicians actually promote "nihilist sexual licence" through misguided policies that undermine the family, disrupt the social order and foster the "relentless coarsening and brutalisation of our culture"
A political activist, Aziz Nesin portrays a harsh critique of the oppression and brutalisation the common man faces, and he also highlights the bureaucracy and economic injustice he suffers from in his stories which blend the local with the universal.
After the brutalisation of the Gaddafi years, we cannot be certain what kind of Libya he will leave behind.
The US, in co-ordination with its EU partners, announced economic and military sanctions against Libya's Moammar Gaddafi's regime citing continued brutalisation of people and violation of international norms and common decency.
He also acknowledged that the UN had failed to halt "the unacceptable brutalisation of villages in the area".
Political crisis in Pakistan, threats to its survival, erosion of federations unity, militarys subordination of all state institutions, the marginalization of civil society, the mockery of the Constitution and representative institutions, growing poverty, unemployment and inequality, brutalisation of society, breakdown of rule of law and, the unprecedented hardships facing the people under a military dictatorship were the issues pushing the country to the brink of a total disaster, prompting two major political parties to sign a historic declaration.
The brutalisation of this society through apartheid and the hopelessness among so many youths who can't get jobs, a deep lack of self-esteem and just a fatalistic spirit, makes people shrug their shoulders and say, Tm going to get it [HIV] anyway'.
As such during this 26th SPLM/A anniversary coupled by the displacement, brutalisation and deaths of our people at LRA hands, we would like to renew our appeal to South Sudanese as well as the International Community to help salvage Western Equatoria from the verge of catastrophe because without cultivation and stability, hunger and starvation will start to affect the people of Western Equatoria this year.
I look forward to the first reply to this letter mentioning any or all of the following: deprived childhood, brutalisation, Victorian, dinosaur, violence breeds violence, etc.
At the end of the day his protest was all about the total and utter brutalisation of a generation by cruel, despotic and perverted officials, under various leaders, but none as evil as Stalin.