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plant grown for its stout stalks of edible small green heads resembling diminutive cabbages

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The processor says it upgraded to the VERYX because the digital sorter adeptly addresses the unique challenges of sorting Brussels sprouts. "Brussels sprouts are difficult for most sorters," says Graham Neal, factory manager at T H Clements.
It's a boiled move, but one Midlands firm has already unveiled its new line in chocolate Brussels sprouts.
But back to the Brussels sprout. Whether you love them or hate them, the stampede for the little green vegetable is as traditional as Christmas itself, so don't be all Bah Humbug about it.
Brussels sprouts were not introduced to Britain |until the late 19th Century.
Steve Winterbottom, managing director of Tozer Seeds, based in Cobham, Surrey, said: "We felt Brussels sprouts needed a shot in the arm so we created a Brussels sprout programme, in which you keep crossing lines until you get a happy marriage."
Add Brussels sprout leaves and saute for another minute before adding chicken stock and vinegar.
Created using MDC's unique coating and enrobing process which allows for an even distribution of flavour and taste, the bacon-flavoured Brussels sprout is individually quick frozen and, because it is either cooked in the microwave or pan-fried, it remains firm or 'al dente' instead of soggy as a result of overboiling.
e 49-year-old is pushing a Brussels sprout up Mount Snowdon this week - with his nose.
Ocean Mist Farms, in Castroville, Calif., one of the largest grower/shippers of Brussels sprouts in the country, is expanding its value-added Brussels sprout product line that's ready to use, cook and serve.
After an early frost, I went out to the garden to clean up a little bit and pull those worthless Brussels sprout plants out of the ground.
The list of food plants in the Brassicaceae incudes the cabbage group--Brassica oleracea, to which the brussels sprout, a relative newcomer, belongs.
During the peak Christmas period, the online specialist retailer sold a chocolate Brussels sprout every 30 seconds.
To clarify: no one is forcing anyone to include Brussels sprouts in their festive meal, there is no Brussels sprout division of the police force that will come round and arrest you if you leave them out, so just make your decision and get on with it without being mean about them.
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