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in a blunt direct manner

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Quite impossible, sir," he declared a little brusquely.
He started from his immobility, a hand withdrawn brusquely from the pocket of his overcoat, strode up to the woman, seized her by the arm from behind, saying in a rough commanding tone: "Come away, Eliza.
Come, now," he said brusquely, "you can't stand there and tell me you've never heard of Charley Welsh?
I called to ask for--Pollyanna," he began at once, a little brusquely.
That ain't your business," Billy answered brusquely.
I say, Falk," I asked quite brusquely, "you haven't already a wife put away somewhere?
He dropped his knife and fork, brusquely, as though by the virtue of a sudden illumination he had been made aware of poison in his plate, and became positive in his mind that he could never swallow another morsel of food as long as he lived.
I wish he had never been to school," Mrs Verloc began again brusquely.
When Captain MacWhirr came out on deck, which he did brusquely, as though he had suddenly become conscious of having stayed away too long, the calm had lasted already more than fifteen minutes -- long enough to make itself intolerable even to his imagination.
Razumov turned away brusquely and entered his rooms.
The House of Lords which resumed at 10pm, was clearly still in a fighting mood and there were jeers after Lord Falconer brusquely warned them 'the idea that an artificial deadline imposed by this House is the right way to deal with the fight against terrorism' is wrongHe had no doubt peers had the safety of the nation at heart but 'the right way to deal with is to put before both Houses of Parliament our proposal in relation to fighting terrorism, to listen to what is said about how it may be best amended and then to amend it, which is what we have done.
If you missed this comic gem, there was the chance to catch up with the hilarious 'previously on Early Doors' sequence in which Ken offered a crisp to his sole customer, the grumpy Tommy, only to be brusquely rebuffed.
He raced up to me just before curtain up and brusquely told me to "move elsewhere in the theatre.
When our investigators asked for a full explanation staff refused to reveal more and brusquely told us just to "read the small print".
Atherton refuses to dismiss England's challenge so brusquely but admits Thorpe's U-turn because of well publicised personal problems represents a major setback.