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in a blunt direct manner

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Epanchin put these questions hastily and brusquely, and when the prince answered she nodded her head sagely at each word he said.
I would have been gone already, only, truth to say, I haven't any friends to go to." He added brusquely: "And you?"
He detached himself brusquely from the post, and she did not shrink; but Mrs.
In order to reach sooner the point where he could take his omnibus, he turned brusquely out of the populous street into a narrow and dusky alley paved with flagstones.
At the sound of that name, falling unexpectedly into this annoying affair, the Assistant Commissioner dismissed brusquely the vague remembrance of his daily whist party at his club.
With the binoculars glued to his eyes, the captain said in a quavering tone: "They are waving to us with something aft there." He put down the glasses on the skylight brusquely, and began to walk about the poop.
"Pardon," said the man brusquely, attempting to pass to one side.
"No, indeed," I answered, brusquely. "My constitution has not got over the Afghan campaign yet.
"That ain't your business," Billy answered brusquely. "The brickyard's payin' for her, not the vegetable ranch.
'Come tomorrow to get your money,' he said brusquely. The next day the boys came in again, collected the payment and went their way.
They had come to the hospital ward one day and had been told, brusquely in most cases, that their child had died.
He quit the race midway, within sight of the tape, brusquely yanking Kenya back to one-party rule and rendering his ODM, Wiper and other ex-Nasa outfits walking-dead outfits.
While many of the poems explore the implications of this legacy artistically and emotionally, the notes are direct and brusquely honest.