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marked by rude or peremptory shortness

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Brusk said that gossip was a type of dialogue that defined one's moral compass, and without it, one doesn't know what's socially accepted.
The two best teams, Brayati and Brusk, have moved up to the premier league while the worst two teams, Khanaqeen and Chamchamal, were relegated to the second division.
The burly, brusk Rajoub formed an unlikely kinship with the erudite Nusseibeh, borne of their shared familiarity with the Israeli mindset, belief in the possibility of finding common ground, and rejection of the campaign of suicide bombings.
Smil wants to let you know that, and succeeds with brusk reminders that his book deals with science fact and not science fiction.
IN MAY 2003 ANOTHER woman bowhunter, Angle Ryan, was hunting Alaska brown bears on Kodiak Island with guide Tom Kirstein when they stalked within 80 yards of a very large brownie sleeping in thick alder brusk. It appeared they could get no closer, so Tom made some dying rabbit or fawn distress calls.
The most continuous and gradual event in nature, the subtle gradations of the dawn, is collapsed into the brusk swiftness of a single moment.
brusk abgelehnt wird, gewinnt nun der Bereich der Macht--und d.h.
In the series of depositions, Fowles undercuts the reader's support of Ayscough by exposing the irrationality and brutality at the heart of his approach to solving the mystery, especially in the brusk and often bullying tactics he employs while questioning the witnesses.
When I do a piece of sculpture, there are aspects in there that might be related to something only two-dimensional; or when I start working on a two-dimensional surface, there may be aspects in there that deal conceptually with three-dimensional space, or when I'm putting stuff down with a paint brusk I may be thinking about printing processes and techniques.
Brusk, assistant vice president of computer systems and resources.
But she does not believe the style she used for this occasion would have charmed an equally brusk inspector she encountered some time later.
Jenny Brusk, Goteborg: Doctoral Theses from University of Gothenburg, 2014.
Because the league has so many strong goalkeepers, it was hard for Mahdi to stand out and compete with Erbil FC keeper Didar Hamid who was selected as the best keeper last year and Brusk FC goalkeeper Ghafur Othman, who was voted Kurdistan's best goalkeeper for five consecutive years.