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marked by rude or peremptory shortness

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Brusk said that gossip was a type of dialogue that defined one's moral compass, and without it, one doesn't know what's socially accepted.
The two best teams, Brayati and Brusk, have moved up to the premier league while the worst two teams, Khanaqeen and Chamchamal, were relegated to the second division.
here says of the dawn absurdly "collapsed into the brusk swiftness of a single moment" can equally be said about the pathos lodged in the first thirty-eight Spenserian stanzas of nine lines each, all of them carefully framed by the extra foot of the alexandrine, that, in Adonais, is "collapsed into the brusk swiftness of a single" line: "Peace, peace
Brusk, assistant vice president of computer systems and resources.
But she does not believe the style she used for this occasion would have charmed an equally brusk inspector she encountered some time later.
Atlanta What: "Shame on You" Protest at Senator Isakson's Office Who: Domestic violence and gun violence survivor Kimberly Brusk, Moms Demand Action, Mayors Against Illegal Guns and concerned Georgians When: Friday, April 19[sup.
Because the league has so many strong goalkeepers, it was hard for Mahdi to stand out and compete with Erbil FC keeper Didar Hamid who was selected as the best keeper last year and Brusk FC goalkeeper Ghafur Othman, who was voted Kurdistan's best goalkeeper for five consecutive years.
Maybe some people thought he was too outspoken, too brusk, too brash,'' said Taylor, the GM.
Atlanta Who: Councilman Kwanzaa Hall and Kimberly Brusk, domestic violence and gun violence survivor When: Saturday, April 13th @ 11:00 AM Where: The King Center - Reflecting Pool, 449 Auburn Ave.
Hamid has played for Erbil FC, Brusk FC, and Iraqi national football team before.
Stewart plays him tight-lipped and brusk in voice but somewhat understated.
The draw results were as the following: Erbil vs Suli Peshmarga, Brusk vs Hawler Peshmarga, Handren vs Duhok, Ararat vs Sherwana, Suleimaniya vs Kirkuk, Hallo vs Zakho, and Zaravani vs Simel.
As I see it, council member Zeanah tried twice to assist a constituent who had a legitimate complaint, and received brusk rebuttals from the mayor.
According to poll results, other bests include the following: best club president, Hakim Jamal, who heads Handren club; best sports personality, Tariq Abdulrahman, who heads Brusk FC; best coach, Abdulsamad Jawhar, who trains Handren FC; best player, Kosrat Bayz who plays for Erbil FC; best referee, Muhammad Hussein; best sports correspondent, Saman Suleiman, Kurdistan satellite channel correspondent; best sports analyst, Arsalan Abdullah, who writes for "Hawler.
Raphael Warnock of Ebenezer Baptist Church, Kimberly Brusk, a domestic violence and gun violence survivor and Halsey Knapp, a member of the Trinity Presbyterian Church and lawful gun owner, will call on Congress to support comprehensive and enforceable universal background checks.