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Synonyms for brushy

covered with or consisting of bushes or thickets


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The Brazos River Authority (BRA) will be accepting sealed bids from qualified contractors to provide firm pricing for Chlorine used for wastewater disinfection, and Sulfur Dioxide used for wastewater dechlorination at the Brushy Creek East Plant (BCE), and Chlorine used for disinfection/chlorination of potable water at the East Williamson County Plant (EWC).
The group uncovered plastic bags, looked into culverts and drainage ditches, dug out sheets of plywood laying under snow and debris, poked sticks into small mounds of snow and walked through brushy areas near a stream going past the apartment complex.
In the grassy hills north of Livermore, the Brushy Peak Regional Preserve is a little-known slice of solitude.
The first zone completed was the Morrison Brushy Basin sand that is currently behind a temporary plug and will be added later.
Malibu has frequently been the scene of devastating fires, its steep, brushy canyons funneling winds into luxurious neighborhoods where Pacific views draw movie stars and millionaires.
At the entrance to Snow Brushy Creek, the Navy aircraft flew under a helicopter engaged in bucket drops at the entrance of the Snow Brushy drainage.
Brushy, woody or broken landscapes are synonymous with varmint-rich habitats in every state.
In 1981, Walter Eckman entered into a business arrangement with Emzy and Ava Barker, owners of Brushy Creek Custom Sires, which boarded Brahman bulls and brokered the sale of bull semen.
Forsyth (1966) mapped Wisconsinan lake deposits in Claylick and Brushy Fork valleys to the west of the Gorge (Fig.
More successful is the two-faced vertical "portrait" painting Janus, 2005, in which a stylized desert plant rendered in creamy yellow, pink, and acid green also reveals itself as a brushy gestural head contained by a thick, cartoonish black outline; the ambiguous gender of the featureless head mirrors the playful disruption of genre expectations engendered by conflating portrait and landscape.
homes amid the brushy landscape west of the San Fernando Valley, California.
Some 3,000 firefighters aided by aircraft struggled yesterday to protect ridgetop houses along the Los Angeles-Ventura county line, a rugged, brushy landscape west of Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley.
A typical recent job was digging trench for the Brushy Creek Regional Interceptor Number 20 expansion of the wastewater system in Cedar Park, TX, just north of Austin, TX.
Then, they dipped the sticks into the hole, pulled out the termites clinging to the brushy end, and slurped them up.
When taking your M1-series tank's mine clearing blade through brushy areas, the depth indicators lake a beating.