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Synonyms for brushy

covered with or consisting of bushes or thickets


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In flatter terrain, park in a low spot or in a brushy area where approaching animals won't spot your truck.
He was arrested after police found him hiding in a brushy area.
As the latter decade wore on, she withdrew from this voltaic subject matter, developing a far more brushy, gestural style reminiscent of Twombly, Pollock, and particularly late de Kooning.
In fact, without occasional burns most prairies succeed into brushy patches of mulberry trees and multiflora rose.
This enhancement by Verizon reportedly further enhances 4G LTE coverage in the vicinity of Routes 1, 142 and Interstate 95, as well as East Main Street, Cedar Street and Brushy Plain Road in Branford.
These simple, brushy images seem to be here to anchor the larger, coolly finished paintings in direct feeling or a traditional art practice of "real" brushstrokes--and they are indeed lovely, direct, charming.
Peering into a brushy river bottom, I followed a small herd of "eater" pigs as they worked their way below me perhaps 200 yards away.
The legislation requires persons living in forested, brushy, or grassy lands to do the following:
After Humphreys identified the vehicle's passenger as Soben - who was wanted by authorities for failing to appear in court on a probation violation stemming from a previous drug conviction - he bolted from the vehicle and ran through a brushy area before diving into the river, police Sgt.
The trees are almost brushy in appearance, with some minor adaptation in leaf patterns, a reminder of the trees' long geographic isolation.
HARRISBURG - A person whose body was found in a brushy area just east of Interstate 5 died under suspicious circumstances, Linn County sheriff's investigators say, although the cause of death is not yet known.
In Courtesy of the Artist(all works 2000), a painter in a studio (Calvin himself?) directs someone unseen on how to position a large canvas (brushy, to signify "painting") or maybe how to maneuver it out the door.