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Synonyms for brushy

covered with or consisting of bushes or thickets


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In addition, at the closing, Brushy will divest certain of its assets in South Texas to its subordinated lender in exchange for the extinguishment of USD 20.
Haws, a former sales engineer and sales manager, country music manager and record producer, magazine publisher, cattleman, math instructor, and internet college textbook retailer, argues that Brushy Bill Roberts' claim that he was Billy the Kid is invalid.
But in many cases, such locations have no bordering trees or even brushy spots in which a hunter can set up an ambush.
That search was concentrated around the brushy area close to the Nashua River.
I came from the river, husband, its brushy bank left these
AP has all the elements necessary for riparian bottoms, flooded timber or a brushy field blind.
So goes the lyrics to "Teach Me How to Brushy (sung to the tune of Cali Swag District's "Teach Me How to Dougie")," a new PSA launched by the Oregon Dental Association.
In the next room five brushy oils by Cezanne radically enhance the innate austerity of the pre-Renaissance portraits with which they share wall space.
In the grassy hills north of Livermore, the Brushy Peak Regional Preserve is a little-known slice of solitude.
The first zone completed was the Morrison Brushy Basin sand that is currently behind a temporary plug and will be added later.
Malibu has frequently been the scene of devastating fires, its steep, brushy canyons funneling winds into luxurious neighborhoods where Pacific views draw movie stars and millionaires.
At the entrance to Snow Brushy Creek, the Navy aircraft flew under a helicopter engaged in bucket drops at the entrance of the Snow Brushy drainage.
Brushy, woody or broken landscapes are synonymous with varmint-rich habitats in every state.
In 1981, Walter Eckman entered into a business arrangement with Emzy and Ava Barker, owners of Brushy Creek Custom Sires, which boarded Brahman bulls and brokered the sale of bull semen.
Forsyth (1966) mapped Wisconsinan lake deposits in Claylick and Brushy Fork valleys to the west of the Gorge (Fig.