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an artist's distinctive technique of applying paint with a brush

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Layered washes, haptic brushwork and color, abstract pictorial motifs wherein figuration is re-territorialized--her paintings brings ease, comfort, and healing to unsettling shifting landscapes of our confusing times.
Although her paintings look nave because of the looseness of brushwork, there is evidence of formal art school training in the correct proportions of nudes and the play of light and dark colors.
The artist's distinctive brushwork, created by carving into thick, wet paint, creates texture and depth similar to one of her heroes, Vincent van Gogh.
The Venetian way of applying colour with rapid and broken brushwork introduces a completely new atmosphere into Velazquez's composition.
Impressionist Painting for the Landscape: Secrets for Successful Oil Painting provides some 50 lessons and tips for composition and brushwork and uses the Impressionist artists themselves as inspiration for any who would duplicate their works.
Murray, whose small-scale drawings freely mixed abstract brushwork and asemic, wordless writing, and Patricia Satterwhite, whose wildly inventive images of domestic products were incorporated into a wallpaper installation by her son, the artist Jacolby Satterwhite.
According to Mazzone, Brushstrokes enables art aficionados to enjoy the look of an artist's original brushwork without the high cost.
His delicate brushwork and dynamism define this text of more than 10,000 pinky-size, standard-script characters.
GARETH BALE will be heading to the World Cup after all thanks to the brushwork of an enterprising painter.
Albiac took a photo of Belgian art collector Walter Vanhaerents and uploaded it to the programme that then created a portrait of him using Albiac's hand brushwork, the Mirror reported.
Specifically, this refers to Poons's regulated application of abstract brushwork combined with a seemingly spontaneous choice of color, which fills the surface space of the canvas, producing a low level optical sensation.
Even when juxtaposed with dabs of orange or yellow, green or blue, the effect of the artist's brushwork is to mire these brighter hues within gloom.
On display will be traditional Chinese brushwork paintings of flowers, plants and animals.
Essays by curators and art historians examine van Aelst's approach and technique alongside new photographs of the paintings, including many close-up detailed images showing his delicate brushwork.
When she pulled the painting out of a rubbish bag she carried it in, Ms Craner was nearly certain the painting was a Renoir with its distinct colours, light and brushwork. A plaque on the front labelled it Renoir.