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an artist's distinctive technique of applying paint with a brush

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The epistemology of brushwork that is seen to be active and brushwork that seems to be passive surely lies in the definition by Plato and Aristotle of man as form and woman as matter, man as active and woman as passive.
Brushwork, what Venetian critical usage termed colorito, hardly fit comfortably into the aesthetic that dominated Renaissance writing on painting, that set of values founded on the centrality of disegno in both theory and practice.
1904, private collection), the brushwork is Van Gogh's, even if the German artist's formal attire and smug expression owe little to the tortured figure of Vincent.
Her vibrant, energetic forms and clearly visible brushwork reinforced her focus on the medium.
Atmospheric, with loose brushwork and devoid of figures, they remind us that the artist was a distinguished painter of landscape and urban views; Tissot, on the other hand, was a genre painter and never painted pure landscape.
Jansson's painting style is a succulent and visceral affair where lush color and brushwork provide pure luxe.
While the illustrations illuminate the book with bold color and brushwork, the text provides a fascinating autobiographical glimpse into the artist's friendships with Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko and Franz Kline and her involvement with cultural figures such as poet Frank O'Hara.
In both cases, the looseness of the brushwork has come to be seen as typical of the artist, although the paintings date from different periods.
Ludwig exhibited landscape paintings combining expressionist brushwork and interwoven pattern with illusionism both naturalist and mannered, and a mix of representational styles that was visually cohesive despite the diversity of its origins.
The students discovered that much of the brushwork was quick and decisive.
Again there's that fine brushwork, evident in the bare, brown branches that dance across the dirty atmosphere, and, again the choking cumuli of paint obscuring it.
The painting is questioned by Detroit curator George Keyes, who sees the brushwork as lacking the energy of Van Gogh's.
Das Wunder, 1990, a boisterous red and yellow canvas in which hectic yet lyrical brushwork coexists with a multitude of transparent doodles (some resembling faces), also features a superimposed text that betrays her predilection for inscriptions with a philosophical bent: DAS WUNDER, DAS WUNDER, IST WIE IMMER (Wonder, Wonder Is Always Us) is written in huge, clumsy letters on the surface of the painting, affirming a sense of transcendental hopefulness.
The museum states that 'the materials and the brushwork differ considerably from those of other Van Gogh paintings analysed'.
El Greco's Jeronimo de Cevallos, with its slightly blurred focus and vigorous brushwork, anticipates techniques to be used by Velazquez in his paintings of dwarfs and buffoons.