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Synonyms for brushwood

the wood from bushes or small branches

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Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods honored esteemed environmental leaders and photographers Amory Lovins and Judy Hill Lovins at its 36th Annual Smith Nature Symposium & Benefit in June.
Winnie the life-sized mammoth, created out of brushwood, as part of the Bishop's Castle elephant trail
In addition, 3,000 metres of 'fascines' or bundles of brushwood will be dug in to the landscape to stabilise stream banks and slopes and new areas of land will be fenced for sustainable grazing by sheep and cattle, the Trust said.
The willow and brushwood will eventually grow into the watercourse edge, providing a natural habit for animals.
He thought this poor foreigner was being run away with by some sort of evil contraption and was calling on him to save him Gallantly he seized Moffett around the waist as he sped by and rolled with him into the ditch while the bull fled, scattering brushwood down the mountainside.' The Korean farmer's heroic kindness had saved Moffett from the perceived dangers of modern technology.
James Michael Davies, 25, a mechanic, admitted assaulting Graham Davies at Brushwood Ave, Flint.
Home Strange Home, started airing onMarch 3 and the showHacking the System began on March 3.Host Brian Brushwood will share the helpful and magical hacks he has gathered over a period of 15 years.
Children collect brushwood for fires to warm their meals.
Additional attractions at yesterday's show included a country and western marquee with line dancing and live performances from band Brushwood and singer Trey Jackson.
GOOGLE "fencing in Liverpool" and you'll quickly know your palisade from your brushwood, your post and rail from your stockade and your picket fence from your spear-top.
"Some politicians said it is better to collect brushwood than to give away the Kyrgyzgaz for $1.
They uncovered a wooden paddle, sitting on a brushwood platform, which dates from around 6,500 years ago at the start of the Neolithic period - the time of the very first farmers.
The fire spread to cover 144 square miles by Friday, fanned by strong winds and fuelled by dry brushwood.
Brian Brushwood and Justin Young, who present an American podcast called 'NSFW,' wrote the novel under the pseudonym Patricia Harkins-Bradley.
Remains of six brushwood huts at Israel's Ohalo II site, along the shore of the Sea of Galilee, date to as early as 23,000 years ago.