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WHEN CHINESE OFFICIALS began talking openly last year about the possibility of unseating the dollar as the world's reserve currency, they got the brushoff from Washington.
But along with Steve Harmison and Ian Bell, Vaughan was given the brushoff yesterday as the selectors smashed England's perceived closed shop for players insulated by central contracts just 10 weeks before they take on the Aussies.
Journalists and news organizations who continue to brushoff readers' complaints or issue terse "we stand by our story" statements will no doubt find the subtitle of Silverman's book a bit overdramatic.
The furious blonde shouted at him: "Stop giving me the brushoff.
Some observers believe that kind of brushoff will end when the congressionally mandated ISG offers its recommendations some time after the elections.
But if you really get a brushoff on something you consider important, speak to the other directors.
Redford details the way he stumbled onto the story, way back in 1972, when he was promoting "The Candidate," and how Woodward initially gave him the brushoff. But even though he had no idea that the "third-rate burglary" would eventually topple a presidency, Redford stayed on it, eventually winning the reporting duo's trust.
The first is critical, the second is important, and the third is your backup (and brushoff) in case the second fails.
"When we created the Magic BrushOff we wanted it to be multifunctional and easy to use," says G.L.A.M.E.D.
It was a more a curt brushoff to the waiting journalists who expected words of wisdom from this relatively old sage of the European Tour.
This was no flippant brushoff to rank alongside Ben Cohen's infamous 'Shane who?'
It is a brushoff. If someone has taken the time to pull together a hard- copy application, respond in kind.
A later letter, dated July 26, 1978, states: "On July 3, 1978, the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice advised FBI headquarters that it desires no further investigation into this matter." This FBI brushoff stands in glaring contrast to the cooperation and support of the Cleveland diocese.
I'm like third-generation-removed from Norma Jean - not my cup of simulacre tea - and I don't even have the good taste and sense of the second ersatz Marilyn, whose brushoff nixes any screwball blessing.