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12B); with raised ridge on each side of pedal groove; terminal spicules long and brushlike, meeting at angle above mantle cavity opening (Fig.
With their brushlike appendages (below), "they look like centipedes at first, " says Andre Toulmond of the Observatoire Oceanologique de Roscoff in France.
A brushlike apparatus circulates water containing food particles through the larva's mouth.
Sapsuckers drill orderly checkerboards of holes into the cambium of birch and maple trees and sip or wipe up with their brushlike tongues the sap that runs out.
A novel brushlike amphoteric cationic polymer is synthesized by Y.
WHY WE LOVE IT Brushlike, lipstick red flowers in spring and summer attract lots of hummingbirds.
Members of this large, diverse family, which includes admirals, true brushfoots, longwings, satyrs, milkweed butterflies and fritillaries, are named for their short, brushlike forelegs--which make them appear to have only four legs.