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resembling a brush

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2A); greatly enlarged, thick AI, with elongate, black, flattened, brushlike setae (Fig.
The design and synthesis of brushlike amphoteric polymer poly-[isobutylene-alt-(maleic acid)-graft-pentaethylenehex-amine] by grafting various aligoethyleneamines onto a low-molecular-weight poly[isobutylene-alt-(maleic anhydride)] is presented in the work by Y.
WHY WE LOVE IT Brushlike, lipstick red flowers in spring and summer attract lots of hummingbirds.
Available in pink or white, these US natives boast long-lasting bottle brushlike flowers, grow to 60cm and flower in mid to late summer.
Reactions with cellulose will then produce a brushlike grafting on the fiber, which is favorable for the entanglements with the matrix chains.
In the spleen the needles are less discernible, because the peripheral parts of the brushlike trimmings of neighboring sinuses are interlaced with each other.