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Synonyms for brushing

the act of brushing your teeth


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the act of brushing your hair

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Tooth brushing is essential for removing plaque and debris on the tooth surface and this contributes to good oral health.
I love it for brushing out waves - it doesn't ruin the shape of them.
When brushing a surface, bristles move individually, with their ends alternately catching on the surface then springing forward.
As a population, we're apparently pretty bad at brushing our teeth the proper way, even if we have the desire to have pearly whites. 
"Patients are not brushing their teeth correctly, even though they think they are; they brush too hard, do not brush long enough, and miss zones of the mouth," says Dr.
Eyebrow Groomer and liner, PS8.99, Superdrug Some pros use a super-fine pointed liner for feline flicks, but Francesca reckons a small angled brush is easier to glide precisely along the lash line and is more versatile: 'I also use it for filling in brows, defining lips, highlighting inner corners of eyes and applying eyeshadow to the lower lashline.' To make it more multi-tasking still, Victoria recommends getting a double-ender with a spoolie (a bit like a pipe-cleaner) for brushing through brows and lashes.
"Brushing a baby's teeth can be simple and stressfree," says Arvin Mirzadeh of dental clinic Vitality (
(P&G) last month unveiled what the company is calling its "most intelligent" brushing system ever released, the Oral-B Genius power toothbrush.
* Oral-B has unveiled Oral-B Genius, which it describes as the "first of its kind and Oral-B's most intelligent brushing system available to-date." The brush features "Position Detection Technology" that combines motion sensor technology located in the brush, and video recognition using the smartphone's camera, to track areas being brushed so that no zone is missed.
A colourful toothbrush, one with an attractive packaging, and a fruity flavor for toothpaste will get kids excited about brushing.
Manual and electric toothbrushes are equally good if you're brushing correctly.
The Brushing machine S 1000 is composed of 6 independently driven brushing/sueding units and gives a surprisingly soft touch to the fabrics and extremely innovative finishing effects.
Apex, NC, May 07, 2014 --( The Toof-inger Brush[TM], a reimagined toothbrush, creates healthier brushing practices and tackles the main causes of gum recession.
The bad news: few dogs fancy having their teeth brushed, and there ain't no Holy Grail of Canine Tooth Brushing, despite my attempts to extract one from Angela Mees, DVM, who owns a practice limited to veterinary dentistry in suburban Atlanta.