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Synonyms for brushing

the act of brushing your teeth


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the act of brushing your hair

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Patients are not brushing their teeth correctly, even though they think they are; they brush too hard, do not brush long enough, and miss zones of the mouth," says Dr.
This technology allows users to obtain immediate feedback on their brushing habits, including the amount of pressure applied while brushing as well as duration.
By attacking both major aspects of unhealthy brushing, poor technique and too much pressure, this innovative toothbrush changes the way you brush your teeth.
The inclusion criteria included a plaque score ranging from 1-3 of Silness-Loe plaque index, healthy subjects who had the presence of more than 20 natural teeth excluding plaque retentive areas such as grossly carious teeth or orthodontically bonded abutments, absence of major hard and soft tissue oral lesions and maintenance of oral hygiene by brushing the teeth twice daily.
Sharing a collection of unusual toothbrushes leads to a lively sharing of sources for brushing tools.
It comes with a wireless display that visually guides users on the ways to improve their brushing habits.
Tokyo, Japan, June 13, 2006 - (JCN) - Online market researcher InfoPlant announced on June 13 the results of a survey on tooth brushing.
Three incidents have been reported concerning the Oral-B CrossAction Power and PowerMAX toothbrushes and refills by consumers assisting in brushing the teeth of persons with special needs.
Brush up your brushing (from left): Charles Worthington Volumising Brush; Vogueti 815; The Mason Pearson; Ergo Straight; Kent Afro Comb
Layer filo sheets in pan, brushing each layer with melted butter (use 4 tablespoons total), then sprinkling with some of almond/sugar mixture.
For instance, they note, paddle brushes are well suited for brushing out long hair and creating straight, smooth styles.
SAN FRANCISCO -- To Encourage Fresher Smooches, New Kibbles 'n Bits Brushing Bites(TM) Dog Food Conducts a Nationwide Search to Find America's Most Smoochable Pooch
Though past studies by Consumer Reports have shown similar results from brushing thoroughly twice a day from both traditional brushes and electric ones, it appears electric brushes have the edge, according to the international research organization Cochrane, based on an analysis of 56 studies published in 2014.
The new playful, interactive toothbrushes are being launched in conjunction with the premier of The Smurfs 2 ad designed to get children excited about brushing so that they brush longer.