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an uncontrolled fire that consumes brush and shrubs and bushes

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Online ticketing and registration platform company Brushfire said that deploying Square's in-app payments increased customer conversion of ticket purchases at local events by over 20%.
The first solution is to quickly create firebreaks when a brushfire begins.
In an instant, one responder might transition from tending to a baby in an incubator to fighting a brushfire or responding to a turned-over tanker truck.
It was a fever that made the yo-yo-- a brushfire in the homelands.
Still, if an outbreak does occur onboard, it can be bad news, because it's extremely contagious and spreads like a brushfire in the close quarters of a ship.
Brushfire polls are taken during the period between the benchmark poll and the tracking polls and focus on likely voters and the length of the survey varies on the number of messages being tested.
Brushfire, an established integrated marketing communications agency founded in 1966, has experience in advertising, public relations, social media and experiential marketing, digital, interactive and in-store merchandising.
Spine of a creature long extinct, landscape of brushfire and heat lightning, outcrops and draws of an exhausted sea.
The process mimicked the way he started, before his platinum debut, ''Brushfire Fairytales.''
In these experiments, the coated siding was exposed to 960[degrees]F heat--a temperature not uncommon for a brushfire, for example--until the siding reached the 392[degrees]F burning point.
military toward engaging in 'brushfire wars.'" Also, "[H]e encouraged President John F.
A brushfire set off a series of explosions at a storage facility for about 90 twenty foot equivalent unit containers holding munitions seized more than two years ago from an Iranian ship on its way to Syria.