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Synonyms for brushed

touched lightly in passing

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(of hair or clothing) groomed with a brush

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(of fabrics) having soft nap produced by brushing


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The unbrushed tufts of hair sticking up behind and the hastily brushed hair on his temples expressed this most eloquently.
'Ready?' said the old gentleman inquiringly, when his guests had been washed, mended, brushed, and brandied.
He told Dorothy he had brushed his shaggy hair and whiskers; but she thought he must have brushed them the wrong way, for they were quite as shaggy as before.
Again, a young girl, more bold and saucy than was fitting, brushed the priest's black robe, singing in his face the sardonic ditty, "niche, niche, the devil is caught." Sometimes a group of squalid old crones, squatting in a file under the shadow of the steps to a porch, scolded noisily as the archdeacon and the bellringer passed, and tossed them this encouraging welcome, with a curse: "Hum!
This means that, subjects who brushed their teeth more than 2 minutes in a day had more tooth loss.