brush fire

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an uncontrolled fire that consumes brush and shrubs and bushes

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Roughly 25 firefighters worked the brush fire. It was declared under control at 2:09 p.m.
A brush fire that broke out near Wittmann, Arizona, on Sunday afternoon scorched 420 acres, destroying two abandoned structures.
ever brush fires in the US had their mobile data cut due to overuse.
Summary: A brush fire broke out Monday in southern city of Sidon, threatening local businesses before civil defense workers managed to contain it.
Another brush fire, triggered by the burning of garbage by villagers, was put out Thursday before it could spread beyond 20-square-meter patch of grassland in the village of Balading in Malinao, Daep said.
Normally there are no hurricanes or brush fires; however, there was a small brush fire underway a few days ago which has since diminished."
Somewhere out in the burn, under dusk, a rattler den unfurls fast as brush fire and clenches against the inferno draft that blocks entrance and escape.
USA Tommy Paradise, of Viera, a Forest Area Supervisor with the Florida Division of Forestry, stands on an Interstate 95 overpass as he keeps his eyes on a 10,000-acre brush fire burning in the Scottsmoor, area (AP Photo/Florida Today, Craig Rubadoux) PANAMA Two archaeologists recovering a cannon that scientists believe may have belonged to Welsh pirate, Captain Henry Morgan, at the mouth of the Rio Chagres off Colon, Panama.
BLAZE: Flames from a brush fire glow from a behind a home in California
This home above Santa Barbara went up in flames when wind whipped the brush fire through the area
A separate brush fire then flared on Monday in the foothills to the west and quickly took over around 1,500 acres.
Business Geographic Underwriting is able to precisely locate a home's location relative to defined geographic hazards such as distance from a coastline or a brush fire zone.
Four firefighters were killed in an arson attack that led to a brush fire in a Californian caravan park.
"Over the last two centuries, at least, it might have been the [global North] that first kindled Christianity around the world, but the movement soon turned into an uncontrollable brush fire" (p.