brush fire

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an uncontrolled fire that consumes brush and shrubs and bushes

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SIDON, Lebanon: A brush fire broke out Monday in southern city of Sidon, threatening local businesses before civil defense workers managed to contain it.
The post California brush fire forces evacuation of more than 300 campers -- fire officials appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
An earlier brush fire in Sterling spread fast off the rail trail accessed by Gates Road.
Right now, with these conditions, we are going to jump hard on every brush fire," Los Angeles County Fire Inspector Sam Padilla said.
The sooner it rains, the sooner we can relax, as far as brush fires are concerned,'' said county Fire Inspector Ed Lozano, a spokesman for the agency.
The aftermath of the recent devastating New Mexico wildfires underscores the urgent need for businesses and property owners to seek ways to best protect their property and business operations from brush fire threats, says David Thoman, FM Global vice president and field engineering manager.
Fire departments from across the region have been scrambling to put out brush fires the past few days, and based on fire statistics, it isn't a surprise these fires are sparking up this month.
Harlow Road and Interstate 5, Eugene, brush fire, no damage.
Fire Safe California brings public and private sectors together to work on innovative ways to make communities safe from the ravages of brush fire.
NORTHBRIDGE - Responding to reports of a brush fire on Fowler Road ignited by a car fire, police officers yesterday evening arrested a 61-year-old man who was allegedly driving drunk and set off three small brush fires with sparks from his vehicle's bare rim.
1 -- color) A house explodes in the extreme heat of the brush fire on Malibu Road.
A Paxton firefighter was injured in a brush fire in Leicester, according to Leicester Fire Chief Robert F.
Late in the year, high winds knocked down some power lines near the former Egg City plant north of Moorpark, sparking a 13,600-acre brush fire that destroyed five homes.
WORCESTER - Between three and five acres of a wooded area off Grafton Street were scorched by a brush fire last night.
A roadside brush fire charred about five acres Saturday afternoon, backing up traffic on Interstate 5 as firefighters battled the blaze, officials said.