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Start at one end of the board and walk the brush down the entire length in one continuous motion.
Later, when I was cleaning the ships, if I had to go into somewhere dark you always thought there would be rats around, so I would always bang my brush down a few times to give them a chance to run away.
Darren Milburn, giving his uncle's Cleveland Bays a last minute brush down in 1989
First brush down your brow hairs to find your natural shape and groom back, then fill in any sparse areas with light strokes to frame your face and add definition.
The bubble brushes the teeth of the black bear (child speaks in a melodic rhythm) upper teeth brush down and lower teeth brush up.
If wallpaper needs dusting down, attach a dust cloth over a broom and gently brush down.
After the labels are applied, containers may have to go through a label brush down device to make certain that the bottom of the labels are flush against the conveyor surface.
Start by taking a stiff brush and giving the piece of furniture a good brush down to remove dirt, moss and anything else that shouldn't be there.
This part of the handle is also raised, meaning the bristles don't touch the floor or table when you put the brush down, which is a brilliant idea.
Let the solvent sit for a few minutes, then run a brass brush down the barrel 10 to 15 times.
Used bed pans were stored in the same toilets and on one occasion I watched the floor of my wife's unit cleaned by a porter who pushed a wide brush down the centre of the room, failing to deviate between or under the beds.
"All you've got is that pile of brush down by the creek."
I put the brush down and begin to observe the Tetes.
Then create a light, striped effect by a dragging a dry flogging brush down through the glaze in a straight continuous movement.
However, some have been damaged by bush hogging around them to keep the brush down. The bush hog has damaged a small area of the bark near the ground.