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the branch of biology that studies the structure and function of cells

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Compared with standard forceps and brush cytology, miniforceps biopsies have the highest sensitivity, accuracy, and negative predictive value.
The aim of this retrospective analysis is to evaluate the diagnostic yield of endobronchial biopsy, bronchial washings, bronchial brush cytology and cell block of bronchial washings singly and in different combinations for pathological diagnosis of lung cancer in two subsets of patients--those with and without an endobronchially visible growth.
During the period from February 2012 to February 2013, 84 cases with suspected malignant stricture of bile duct were diagnosed satisfactorily through intraductal ultrasonography (IDUS), endoscopic brush cytology and K-ras, P53 gene mutation detection, and results are reported as follows now.
Total quantity or scope: Delivery kits photopheresis, cervical plates to stabilize the spine, brush cytology - 3 packages (for a detailed description of range-quantitative object of the contract includes terms of reference) (for a detailed description of range-quantitative object of the contract includes terms of reference).
Demonstrating efficacy for the diagnosis of suspicious oral lesions with brush cytology is not easy.
Brush cytology nasal probes were taken from 194 male, nonsmoking customs officers twice a year (January and July) over a period of 5 years.
He reported on seven patients with biliary strictures who underwent ERCP brush cytology with immunostaining for nuclear telomerase activity; four had cholangiocarcinoma.
We got positive results in 25 patients with 68% diagnostic yield through BAL cytology, brush cytology, and bronchoscopy-guided endobronchial biopsy.
s study, the patients undergoing D & C had higher pain scores compared with those who underwent brush cytology.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: In present study 78 cases of pulmonary lesions were subjected to FNAC and/ or Bronchoalveolar lavage and brush cytology over a period from Nov 2011-july 2013.
1-3) For example, brush cytology of pancreaticobiliary strictures has a specificity approaching 100%, but a sensitivity ranging from 37% to 89%, with an average of 59%.
Lieberman RW et al On comparing Colposcopic brush cytology with Colposcopic biopsy found brush cytology to be 98% sensitive and 74% specific and concluded that in absence of lesions suspicious for cancer, colposcopic cytology is safe substitute for directed biopsy in pregnancy.
The true and false positives and negatives were based on the following: (i) True positive: Samples that were positive on both histology and brush cytology.
We open with a discussion of the role of pancreatic cytopathology in patient management and continue with a discussion of specimen types and specimen processing, sensitivity and specificity of brush cytology and fine-needle aspiration (FNA), and the significance of "suspicious" and "atypical" diagnoses.