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Synonyms for border



border on something


Synonyms for border

a fairly narrow line or space forming a boundary

the line or area separating geopolitical units

to put or form a border on

to be contiguous or next to

border on: to come near, as in quality or amount

Synonyms for border

the boundary line or the area immediately inside the boundary

the boundary of a surface

a decorative recessed or relieved surface on an edge

a strip forming the outer edge of something

form the boundary of

enclose in or as if in a frame

provide with a border or edge


lie adjacent to another or share a boundary

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These changes were accompanied with disrupted brush borders and inclusion bodies in cytoplasm of tubular cells on PAS stained sections.
Some tubules also showed areas of patchy necrosis with loss of brush border and vacuolation implying thereby that tubular injury was not in fact fully reversed (Fig-2).
KEY WORDS: AY2-microglobulin Ligustrazine Neonatal scleredema Renal brush border membrane enzyme Renal injury.
The activity of the enzymes maltase, sucrase, alkaline phosphatase and phytase, all integral catalytic proteins of the intestinal brush border, determined in the duodenal segment, increased in the first 72 hrs.
Postnatal ontogeny of kinetics of porcine jejunal brush border membrane-bound alkaline phosphatase, aminopeptidase N and sucrase activities.
Anchoring and biosynthesis of stalked brush border membrane proteins: glycosidase and peptidase of enterocytes and renal tubuli.
PAS stain showed an enlarged intracytoplasmic band with PAS positive granules in the apical pole of enterocytes in contrast to the thin uniform linear staining of the brush border in the normal mucosa (Figs.
Histopathological changes in kidney of diabetic rat showed signs of tubular necrosis with loss of their brush border, vacuolar degeneration of proximal tubules and thickened basement membrane.
1), (3) Mature absorptive intestinal cells with a brush border are rare.
Na/H- and Cl/OH- exchange in rat jejunal and rat proximal tubular brush border membrane vesicles.
Subsequently the toxins insert into the membrane and form non-specific pores or ion channels, causing loss of homeostasis across the brush border membrane leading to gross structural changes in the midgut and eventually death of the larvae (Arnold et al.
By contrast, amino acid absorption is dependent on a gradient of sodium ions across the brush border membrane of the intestinal epithelial cells.
The brush border of the intestinal mucosa acts as the absorption gate.
Caveolae in the apical cytoplasmic membrane, as well as coated pits and mainly transparent vesicles, multivesicular bodies and lysosomes occurred in the apical cytoplasm of principal cells close related to the apical brush border (microvilli), allowing support to characterize a process of endocytosis (Figs 5 and 6).
Brush border with water, lay second pastry disc over base and filling, press edges firmly together to seal.