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examination of tissues or liquids from the living body to determine the existence or cause of a disease

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Following formulas were used to analyze the efficacy of cytology and brush biopsy with biopsy as a gold standard:
Liquid based cytology: is apparently based on brush biopsy with more preserving cells and morphologies.
The collaborators conducted a study in which the trans-oral NP brush biopsy was performed on 600 people with nasopharyngeal cancer or high-risk individuals with symptoms for the disease or with a family history of this cancer.
This changed with the advent of the oral brush biopsy, a painless test that I use in my office to know which oral spots can be safely left alone and which ones contain precancerous cells that need to be removed before they can cause any harm.
An audit of the efficacy of the oral brush biopsy technique in a specialist oral medicine unit.
Diagnosis and management of oral soft-tissue lesions : the use of biopsy, toluidine blue staining, and brush biopsy. J Calif Dent Assoc.
ESTES PARK, COLO.--A brush biopsy kit is highly useful for doing oral cancer screening when patients balk at being cut in the mouth or a physician is uncomfortable doing cold-steel biopsies.
The brush biopsy does not provide specifics as to tissue type or location, so the report will state only whether atypical cells or malignant cells were present or not in the specimen.
Early detection is now possible with an inexpensive, painless brush biopsy procedure that allows dentists to identify cancerous cells when the disease is most treatable.
Liang-Che Tao, Professor Emeritus of Pathology at the Indiana University School of Medicine and an inventor, has developed an alternative, less invasive, and more comfortable alternative to D and C called the Tao Brush biopsy. While widely used in Europe, the device is just now catching on in the United States at institutions such as Mercy Hospital in Iowa, New York University, and Ball Memorial in Indiana.
A brush biopsy or transbronchial Wang needle biopsy may be performed through the bronchoscope.
(2006) (15): Carried out brush biopsy of 22 patients with suspicious oral lesions to obtain dissociated epithelial cells before incisional biopsy.
The minimally invasive test is a brush biopsy test kit used to confirm suspected basal cell carcinoma (BCC).
Computer-assisted Analysis of the Oral Brush Biopsy. U.S.