brush aside

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Thewliss said: "If the UK Government brush aside the ruling and appeal, it demonstrates a Government weakened yet wedded to austerity and policies that hurt the most vulnerable in society."
Stakhovsky performed above himself in taking Greg Rusedski to match point in the opening rubber on Friday and teamed up with Orest Tereshchuk to brush aside Murray and Jamie Delgado yesterday.
Too often, the "heritage industry" promotes "memory drenched in masculinsed ideologies." "Expert" interpretations brush aside diverse individual memories that may well conflict but still provide a truer account of these places.
His apparent reliance on secondary sources leads him to brush aside the work of the LCC architects in the 1920s in Barnet, utilising Scano and Atholl timber and steel-framed construction to produce an estate which stands comparison with any of the Scandinavian examples he holds up for admiration.
Midfielder Steven Reid is confident that Rovers can brush aside Boro and keep up their fine run until the end of the season.