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main force of a blow etc

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Astok, as was his way, finding that the enemy did not fall immediately before their swords, was leaving the brunt of the fighting to Vas Kor, and now as his eyes appraised the panthan carefully they presently went wider and wider, for slowly he had come to recognize the features of the Prince of Helium.
His recent disastrous success had convinced him that neither Ithaca nor any other abode of civilization was a safe place to continue his experiments, but it was not until their cruising had brought them among the multitudinous islands of the East Indies that the plan occurred to him that he finally adopted--a plan the outcome of which could he then have foreseen would have sent him scurrying to the safety of his own country with the daughter who was to bear the full brunt of the horrors it entailed.
Besides, he was really bearing the brunt of the fight, was in the thick of it, dizzy with the striking of blows and the blows he received.
Meanwhile Agelaus son of Damastor, Eurynomus, Amphimedon, Demoptolemus, Pisander, and Polybus son of Polyctor bore the brunt of the fight upon the suitors' side; of all those who were still fighting for their lives they were by far the most valiant, for the others had already fallen under the arrows of Ulysses.
Still, brother, come in and rest upon this seat, for it is you who bear the brunt of that toil that has been caused by my hateful self and by the sin of Alexandrus--both of whom Jove has doomed to be a theme of song among those that shall be born hereafter."
Hiram intended to accompany the officer as a spectator, but he felt no very strong desire to bear the brunt of the battle.
He had shielded me and received the first brunt of the attack.
Being, however, of a rather violent and quarrelsome mood in his cups, it is not impossible that he might have fallen out with her, either on this or some imaginary topic, if the young lady had not, with a foresight and prudence highly commendable, kept a boy up, on purpose, to bear the first brunt of the good gentleman's anger; which, having vented itself in a variety of kicks and cuffs, subsided sufficiently to admit of his being persuaded to go to bed.
"He brought a lot of stuff to the team, his game was a lot more attacking, and soon as he came we started to play his way," said Brunt. "At times a lot of things he did probably papered over a few cracks if I'm totally honest, but you could get away with it because you had him in the team, you knew he had got the quality to do something.
HANDING Middlesbrough a crucial win at the Hawthorns was one of the worst moments of Chris Brunt's career.
West Brom 3 Swansea City 0 RED-FACED Bersant Celina was the Swans culprit minutes before halftime when he bizarrely missed a penalty, with the visitors trailing to a Chris Brunt goal.
An iceberg twice the size of New York City is about to break off Antarctica's Brunt Ice Shelf and into the Atlantic Ocean, according to scientists at NASA.
CHRIS Brunt has been hailed a "fantastic servant" by Albion boss Alan Pardew after the midfielder triggered a one-year contract extension.
KATHERINE Brunt wishes England had managed to replicate yesterday's performance when the Women's Ashes series was still alive.
Metro Community Church has renewed its 6,200-square-foot lease at 291 South Van Brunt Street in Englewood, announced Key Properties.