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Synonyms for brunet

of a complexion tending toward brown or black

Synonyms for brunet

a person with dark (brown) hair

marked by dark or relatively dark pigmentation of hair or skin or eyes

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The new Saint-Emile store is a Brunet Plus that the company considers its pharmacy of the future.
Las economias sociales tensionan la insercion individual en comunidad a tal punto que, como argumenta Kemy Oyarzun, "a traves de toda la obra de Brunet, las trizaduras de los registros de lo publico y lo domestico pueden hacer proliferar, a partir de experiencias desgarradoras y frecuentemente siniestras, subjetividades descentradas y nomadicas" (2000).
Brunet and his colleagues asked the patients to recall their memory by writing a trauma script and outlining the details of their traumatic experience and the emotions they felt.
However they're labeled, the new fossils exhibit key hominid traits, Brunet holds.
Metro finished its 2015 fiscal year last September with 181 freestanding drug stores operating under four banners: Brunet, Brunet Plus, Brunet Clinique and Clini Plus.
As a student completing his business diploma at Northern College, Brunet started J.
Investigators led by anthropologist Michel Brunet of the University of Poitiers in France estimate that the creature, officially dubbed Sahelanthropus tchadensis, lived between 7 million and 6 million years ago.
Pierre Brunet has notified the Company that he will resign from the Board of Directors of Russel Metals Inc.
Frederic Brunet has been appointed Investor Relations Officer of PSA Peugeot CitroE1/2n effective 1 December 2014.
In May Target announced that 18 pharmacies operated by pharmacist-owners affiliated with Brunet will open at Target stores across Quebec in 2014.
Claude Brunet, general manager for Timmins Building Supplies.
But the British-born, Oxford-educated brunet actress, soon to wed Nivola, whom she met three years ago on the set of ``Love's Labors Lost,'' was definitely the evening's darling.
Douglas Finton and Daniel Brunet, co-managing directors of Vital Skills International, have each been certified to lead "Crucial Conversations" Labs.
To that end, the retailer this spring debuted the first two Brunet Target affiliated pharmacies in Quebec--the first of 18 such openings planned for the province this year.