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combination breakfast and lunch

eat a meal in the late morning

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Angry brunchers have hit out at a hotel that paraded live baby rabbits for petting at a brunch in Dubai on Friday.
Brunchers get happy hour prices at the homely La Vita next door.
Then there was the "winter solstice wedding" in which all of us Episcopalians, Catholics, Presbyterians-and devout Sunday skiers and faithful Broadmoor brunchers were asked to pretend we were Celts, gathered in our animal skins around the communal fire as we implored the sun to return.
EASTER BRUNCHES: Last-minute Easter Sunday buffet brunchers might consider the Sportsmen's Lodge, 12833 Ventura Blvd.
WE hear of a couple of West End of Glasgow Sunday brunchers that's people with hangovers and too much money to you and me who were puzzled at how long their side order of two rounds of toast was taking.
Early to arrive seems to be the catch phrase as brunchers trickle in from noon onwards, and they are absolutely in no hurry to leave.
Rather than lunchers and brunchers, Ravi sees a "beach club during the day and a nightclub at night".
The self-confessed animal lover -- he had cats and dogs growing up hung out in the pool, to the delight of the smaller turtles, who zoomed around him, and the lucky Friday brunchers who spotted the player.
MARDI GRAS FEASTING: The food of the best restaurant chefs in town from such culinary luminaries as Spago, Valentino, Patina, Zax, Max, Josie, Mako, JiRaffe, Angelini, Water Grill, Granita, Melisse, Mimosa and 27 more, will be served to VIP brunchers at the Pier del Sol 2002 Mardi Gras Madness event.
We debated the way the people traffic would change during the day but at the time we dined the interior was filled with an eclectic bunch of brunchers, students, office staff, business people and arty types.
I bumped into an old acquaintance and his good lady, sat at their favourite table, who are regular Friday brunchers at this delightful central venue, close to Manama Souq, because not only is the food divine, the music is played just at the right volume to enjoy a foot-tapping session alongside good conversation.
It's rare that we would contact the police since most brunchers are there to have a laugh, not to harm anyone.
Thursday and Tuesday, and for brunchers at noon Sunday.
Photo: Elegant lamp glows over Sunday brunchers tucking into eggs Benedict at Vineyard House restaurant in century-old winery
Earlier this weekend, my dad Maan, mum Hana and husband Sam Camille and I decided to mark our weekly Friday family lunching by joining the brunchers at the sparkling ART Rotana Hotel & Resort in Amwaj Islands.