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combination breakfast and lunch

eat a meal in the late morning

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Angry brunchers have hit out at a hotel that paraded live baby rabbits for petting at a brunch in Dubai on Friday.
In the out-of-home arena, brunchers are getting more experimental with dishes like Sherpa's breakfast with dahl and spinach, or a Peruvian brunch with sea bream.
Young brunchers can enjoy a slew of fun activities including face painting and meet and greets with famous cartoon characters.
brunchers I'm just trying to get in shape don't have any
We care a lot about what we do, and treat customers as we would want to be treated - we call them Brunchers.
In a lovely ambience flooding with sunlight, a home-inspired decor with great service, it took us by surprise that brunchers were not flocking to Market Kitchen in hordes on a Friday.
One of the restaurants, the Spice Market, is now a popular and established haunt for Doha's trendy Friday Brunchers - which we missed so can't personally comment on, but the restaurants where we had dinner each had a great atmosphere that managed to be both friendly and sophisticated at the same time.
Then there was the "winter solstice wedding" in which all of us Episcopalians, Catholics, Presbyterians-and devout Sunday skiers and faithful Broadmoor brunchers were asked to pretend we were Celts, gathered in our animal skins around the communal fire as we implored the sun to return.
WE hear of a couple of West End of Glasgow Sunday brunchers that's people with hangovers and too much money to you and me who were puzzled at how long their side order of two rounds of toast was taking.
Brunchers can try a selection of starters including the scorpion wings, crunchy kale salad and chips and dip with guacamole.
Early to arrive seems to be the catch phrase as brunchers trickle in from noon onwards, and they are absolutely in no hurry to leave.
"I don't see it as a restaurant at all, that'll just be a support service here." Rather than lunchers and brunchers, Ravi sees a "beach club during the day and a nightclub at night".
We debated the way the people traffic would change during the day but at the time we dined the interior was filled with an eclectic bunch of brunchers, students, office staff, business people and arty types.
I bumped into an old acquaintance and his good lady, sat at their favourite table, who are regular Friday brunchers at this delightful central venue, close to Manama Souq, because not only is the food divine, the music is played just at the right volume to enjoy a foot-tapping session alongside good conversation.
The fact that the manager had to pick the three-year-old up obviously means he wasn't sitting with the other kids and was running around probably being a danger to himself and annoying other 'brunchers'.