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characteristic of or relating to winter

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She begins by examining the stories "Omar, amor, " and "El reloj de Bagdad," the latter from Los altillos de Brumal, then examines the novel El ano de Gracia, and concludes with "Con Agatha en Estambul," from the collection of the same title.
Although Lacanian psychoanalysis seems a bit dated, Akiko Tsuchiya gets good results by applying it to equate subjectivity with narrative in "En el hemisferio sur" from Los altillos de Brumal, and the novel El columpio (Tsuchiya also discusses briefly two other stories).
Potts uncovers her son's hatchet-split head as if it were buried in "brumal deeps" (91, 1.
BRUMAL A Relating to winter B Wild climbing plant C Belonging to lower animals who am I?
Vincent Chenille, Marie Dolle, and Denis Mellier, 2011) and a special issue of the Spanish on-line journal, Brumal (2.1, 2014), bring together a number of interesting analyses covering a wide range of Matheson's oeuvre.
"Cristina Fernandez Cubas and the Recuperation of the Semiotic in Los altillos de Brumal".
"Interpretations of Gender: Performing Subjectivity in Cristina Fernandez Cubas's Los altillos de Brumal".
In "Lo otro en 'Los altillos de Brumal' ("Otherness in 'The Attics of Brumal'"), Ana Maria Morales investigates the treatment of otherness and the doppelganger motif in the titular narrative.
BRUMAL A Relating to winter BWild climbing plant C Belonging to lower animals who am I?
Prior to Zatlin's aforementioned article which explores several of CFC's short stories from "a woman-centered perspective" (Zatlin 38), Bretz analyzed the 1983 collection Los altillos de Brumal for evidence of the Kristevan semiotic.
"Cristina Fernandez Cubas and the Recuperation of the Semiotic in Los altillos de Brumal." Anales de la literatura espanola contemporanea 13 (1988): 177-88.
Maintaining instead that she contests the binary opposition male/female and the view of genders as mutually exclusive constructs, Folkart reads the narratives of Los altillos de Brumal (1983) as explorations of how discursive practices mediate gender.
The framing of "La guerra" is reminiscent of the beginning of "La noche de Jezabel" from Los altillos de Brumal (1983).
The cover of the Tusquets edition of the short story collections Mi hermana Elba and Los altillos de Brumal by Cristina Fernandez Cubas displays Norman Rockwell's "Girl at the Mirror."(1) It portrays a young, barefoot girl in a petticoat, crouching on a bench in front of a looming mirror.