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Synonyms for bruit

Synonyms for bruit

tell or spread rumors


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Pain, extremity oedema, pulsatile mass, femoral bruit, palpable thrill, and compressive neuropathy should alert the physician to possible femoral artery pseudoaneurysm.
Le visiteur est invite a habiter ces espaces, a s'inserer dans les << silences >> de l'installation : dans le territoire meme de celle-ci, mais egalement sur le plan sonore, par l'emission de sa propre respiration et par les bruits qui decoulent de sa presence dans la piece.
RESUME La presente etude est une revue critique de la documentation scientifique sur les effets du bruit sur la sante mentale.
Des bruits nombreux, puissants et difficiles a distinguer ont envahi de toutes parts la vie de l'homme moderne, formant un univers acoustique qu'il n'a jamais connu.
Les bruits de l'atelier cessent quand vient le jour.
Not enough evidence exists to recommend routine screening for iliac and femoral arterial bruits.
Including information on non-imaging tests, CT and MR, contributors cover such symptoms as leg swelling with pain or edema, painful legs after walking, pulsatile groin mass after catheterization, arm swelling, hypertension and bruit, acute scrotal pain, acute pelvic pain, intra-operative ultrasound and carotid arteries with transient ischemic accidents, stroke or carotid bruits.
Carotid bruits are a sign of a higher stroke risk, according to the American Heart Association.
Bruits may be heard over any major or large blood vessel, such as those in the neck, abdomen or over the groin.
Les bruits de l'eolien, rumeurs, cancans, mensonges et petites histoires.
Angiography should be considered in patients with active bleeding, an enlarging hematoma, absent pulse, bruits, change in neurologic status, or an injury located close to known vascular structures.
repeated blood pressure readings that were [is greater than] 130/85 mmttg); an irregularly irregular pulse rate was present in 7%; and carotid bruits in 5% of participants (Table 4).
Bruits dans la montagne, first published in Chinese in 1996, is his fifth work to have been translated into French.
Clearly, the HKMA reached the bruits of its traditional policy of positive non-interventionism.