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Synonyms for bruit

Synonyms for bruit

tell or spread rumors


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Il a note que le bruit d'avions survolant la ville avait ete entendu toute la nuit.
Les bruits de la technologie europeenne font cependant leur apparition et marquent un grand changement dans les habitudes d'ecoute des autochtones.
Et, sous l'emprise du bruit, qui fait entendre de force sans faire comprendre, c'est la maitrise de la perception tout entiere qui va se trouver remise en cause.
Another study showed that bruits between the epigastrium and popliteal fossa were found in 63% of 309 patients with arterial disease, but only 7% of 149 patients without PAD diagnosed by AAI or angiogram.
People with the sound, called a bruit, from the carotid artery in the neck were twice as likely to suffer an attack and more than two-and-a-half times as likely to die from heart disease, than those without it, researchers reported in the Lancet.
Bruits may be heard over any major or large blood vessel, such as those in the neck, abdomen or over the groin.
* Les bruits de l'eolien, rumeurs, cancans, mensonges et petites histoires.
Bruits or pulsations can be detected in large hemangiomas.
It is the plasticity of that medium which enabled Sonic Youth to transform their audience's noise into a piece of music, just as it enabled Schaeffer, the pioneer of musique concrete, to splice together the sounds of his "Cinq etudes de bruits" (Five studies of noises; 1948) and spurred the creation of the first electronic-music studio, in 1951, at West German Radio (WDR) in Cologne.
State and county results were very similar (Table 4).[4] Blood pressure was elevated in 55% (e.g., repeated blood pressure readings that were [is greater than] 130/85 mmttg); an irregularly irregular pulse rate was present in 7%; and carotid bruits in 5% of participants (Table 4).
Bruits dans la montagne, first published in Chinese in 1996, is his fifth work to have been translated into French.
Clearly, the HKMA reached the bruits of its traditional policy of positive non-interventionism.
Numerous studies have shown that patients with histories of previous strokes, T[As, and asymptomatic carotid bruits are all at higher risk for stroke than comparable persons without such risk factors.