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Synonyms for bruit

Synonyms for bruit

tell or spread rumors


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Clinical signs of femoral pseudoaneurysms are pain, extremity oedema, pulsatile mass, femoral bruit, palpable thrill, and compressive neuropathy.
Main indications for treatment of CCF include glaucoma, diplopia, intolerable bruit or headache and severe proptosis resulting in exposure keratopathy.
Entre les mouvements et les suspensions, objets translucides, bruits et silences se blottissent l'un dans l'autre et faconnent une composition hypnotique a laquelle l'attention captive du visiteur se suspend a son tour (4).
Ainsi le bruit de la mer dans une communaute maritime ou celui du moteur a essence dans une cite moderne.
Symptoms including dizziness and bruit disappeared after stent placement.
On n'y voit plus rien, on n'entend plus que le bruit de l'eau.
Further evaluation of an incidental iliac or femoral artery bruit helps assess the patient's risk of arterial disease.
Including information on non-imaging tests, CT and MR, contributors cover such symptoms as leg swelling with pain or edema, painful legs after walking, pulsatile groin mass after catheterization, arm swelling, hypertension and bruit, acute scrotal pain, acute pelvic pain, intra-operative ultrasound and carotid arteries with transient ischemic accidents, stroke or carotid bruits.
A carotid bruit is heard when using a stethoscope to listen to blood flow in the artery, which brings blood to the head and neck.
Dances of Resistance, No Competition, Circus, De la Misque et du Bruit, Mr.
A pulmonary flow murmur, Still's murmur, venous hum, carotid bruit, and peripheral pulmonary stenosis are benign heart sounds detectable in an office setting, said Dr.
To verify patency, the whooshing sound of the bruit should be continuous, but you also want to listen for the quality or strength of the bruit, as this can indicate adequate flow through the access.
Physical examination was remarkable for acrocyanosis, microcephaly, cranial bruit, bilateral neck swelling, coarse breath sounds, and a hyperdynamic precordium with continuous murmur.