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Synonyms for bruising

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causing mental or emotional injury

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brutally forceful and compelling

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The Knights still run the ball well - bruisingly so again with a finally healthy Blake Milton pounding through defenders as he did for 100 yards in Friday's 28-6 season-opening win over visiting Arcadia.
In a year when at least 15 teams have a genuine chance to win, the bruisingly competitive divisions of the AFC East and West and the NFC South must be avoided in the search for value.
22) The stuttering, slippery movement of terror's simultaneous intimacy and aloofness, identification and othering, is bruisingly captured in testimonials of torture survivors like Sister Dianna Ortiz and others.
Focusing on the social and emotional interaction between Suzanne - who, at 35, is attempting to make a new life for herself - and her foster son and a young lover, it has been described as a bruisingly accurate portrait of a loser while also capturing in a sparky way the poignant confusion of teenagers brought up by parents who are more infantile than they are.
If this scene seems a tad less effective on-screen than it was on stage, it may be because the film's bruisingly graphic gaze redoubles the emotional force of everything that precedes and follows.
Now he's shattered but happy after a bruisingly successful two-hour 40-minute battle with a 16-stone Pentland porbeagle that reached 7ft 10ins.
an inquiry both humorous and bruisingly forthright.
He was bruisingly awakened to racial prejudice as a Catholic school eighth grader denied a scholarship despite making straight A's, and afterward nursed a social consciousness that inclined him to the city's 1930s radicalism and ultimately activism under a variety of banners for progressive causes.
Until two years ago, two of the district's three seats were held by Democrats, and the current legislature has received some bruisingly bad publicity for cost overruns on the renovation of the county office building in Kingston.
In a tumultuous career, the turbulent narrative of which a phalanx of the finest parameter-shifting scriptwriters would fail to emulate, has there ever been a band that has bypassed convention more adroitly than the Manics, yet at the same time remained as brilliantly vital, creatively alive and bruisingly honest?
Stafford-Clark is better known for his work in new plays--exactly what Shakespeare's most compressed tragedy is here bruisingly seen to be.
Multi-part vocals overlap and cascade in complex patterns, driven by a ringing tres guitar, maracas, metal guiro scraper and some bruisingly flayed bongos.
So leave it to Martin McDonagh to write the first play (in my experience, anyway) to make the nightmare of the "troubles" fiercely, bruisingly funny.
Despite the staid appearance and editors' solemn invocation of objective science, the fact is that medical journal journalism is bruisingly competitive these days in part because big money is at stake.
Actually, Long doesn't specify where his bruisingly funny one-act occurs.