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Synonyms for bruising

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Words related to bruising

causing mental or emotional injury

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brutally forceful and compelling

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We take the bruising and consequent spoiling of fruits and vegetables as a simple, annoying fact of life.
Research has found the occurrence and size of bruising, as well as pain of subcutaneous injection, can be influenced by multiple actions.
A natural solution for minor everyday bruising, pain and swelling, Hyland's 4 Kids Bumps 'n Bruises with Arnica contains no aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen, pseudoephedrine or dextromethorphan.
One doctor told the court: "Overall the bruising is in excess of what one would expect from the rough and tumble of normal play."
Swansea head physio Kate Rees said: "While there is no serious muscle or tissue damage, he suffered severe swelling and bruising to his thigh which will take up to six weeks to clear up."
Bruising on the torso, ear, or neck ("Think TEN,'" he suggested) in a child younger than 4 years of age increased the possibility of abuse (Pediatrics 2010;125:67-74).
Maguire was released from hospital the same night and his agent said the rider was left with only bruising.
Dr Steel said the hole in the stomach wall and bruising to the colon were 'exceedingly rare in children' and said she had never experienced such injuries in 25 years.
Don't say that again'." She said that next day, she saw Mrs Kirk had bruising on her left hand and arm and a "big bruise" just below her finger and thumb.
Paediatrician Dr Kathryn Ward told Bradford Crown Court the pattern and location of bruising on the infant's body were unusual in cases of accidental injury.
NEW YORK -- Innovative new treatments for bruising may create sales opportunities beyond the skin care aisle.
Prior to this study, it had been presumed that a bone bruise seen with MRI at the time of an acute anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury might lead to later degenerative changes because bruising can be associated with necrosis of osteocytes and subchondral bone.
A BURGLAR allegedly assaulted by Everton star Duncan Ferguson suffered bad cuts and bruising, his lawyer said yesterday.
We know that this resident will be prone to bruising, whether living at home or in a long-term care facility.