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Synonyms for bruiser

Synonyms for bruiser

a large and strong and heavyset man

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BRUISER J Nicola's smile says it all RECORD n Charlotte with second gold
The vet described Bruiser as being severely underweight and when he was offered food he ate it like he was ravenous," she added.
After Tom shot this 159-inch bruiser with his muzzleloader, the big deer fell next to the rub.
From exclusive free gifts to great discounts on tickets and Future Blues coaching camps, being a member of Team Blue or Team Bruiser is essential for any young Blues fan.
Bruiser is wondering whether it's all worth it anymore.
The judge ordered Bruiser must be muzzled and kept on a lead when out in public.
Babyface has already accused Bruiser of "running away'' from a head-to-head, but Bruiser has denied dodging the dogfight.
They landed several nice browns and Wildason took a bruiser that he said measured from the ground to just above his knee.
Bruiser was ten years old and his mother was 12-and-a-half.
In 1999 he commissioned Welch to create Indigo for Houston Ballet, followed by Bruiser in 2000; he brought the 1995 narrative Madame Butterfly into the Houston repertoire last year.
A huge black bruiser comes in looking for Love and when Paris can't produce her, beats him badly.
Maggio considers words like nubile, petite, brazen, curmudgeon, and bruiser as "sexist.
28) Purdue Pete (#3) knocked off Baylor's Bruiser (#6) with the help of his hammer, as Joe Bruin (#4) couldn't withstand the ferocious bite of Tennessee's Smokey (#5) being eliminated in an upset.
Holly is a 12-week-old cockapoo and Bruiser is a 16-month-old chihuahua, they live with Paul and Amanda Day.
But when that doesn't bring in the big bucks, he takes training from the hulking Niko (real life MMA bruiser Bas Rutten) to transform himself into a fighter.