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a conventional name for a bear used in tales following usage in the old epic 'Reynard the Fox'

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Bruin's portfolio includes more than 1,300 employees operating 30 offices across nine countries throughout Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia.
I talked with Keith Lawton, vice-president of Dan Wesson Arms, about estimated service life and how often recoil (and firing pin) springs should be changed on the Bruin.
Engine Shop management will continue to operate the business and Bruin Sports Capital Partners, led by David Abrutyn will collaborate to support their efforts and help drive the further growth and expansion of the agency.
De Bruin also failed to take into account the stress and emotional harm his actions inflicted on the patient.
Ek vra weer: Steek op die hande die wat nie in sy of haar voorgeslagte bruin mense het nie?
The statement concluded: ''Based on the facts of the case and the evidence before them, the arbitrators were of the opinion that FINA had convinced them that the Appellant (de Bruin) was the only person who had the motive and opportunity to manipulate the sample.''
He said de Bruin and FINA could each choose one arbitrator from a list of 150 sports law and arbitration experts, and CAS would appoint a president to head a three-person panel to hear de Bruin's appeal.
Manipulation of a sample carries a lifetime ban, although De Bruin who last month said she had been told that the first specimen "smelled strongly of whisky" can appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland.
Imposing the fine on de Bruin, Justice William Harnett agreed that a lot of people take a chance where temporary traffic lights are concerned.
Father-of-two de Bruin is expected to contest the allegations.
Kathy Olivier, the only coach in the 28-year history of the UCLA women's basketball program to guide the Bruins to three straight NCAA Tournament appearances, has every reason to wonder, "Why me?"
Erik de Bruin pleaded guilty to stealing vitamin pills worth pounds 22.59 from a supermarket.
The Irishman attended the National Hockey League match between the Bruins and the Columbus Blue Jackets, and gave a rousing team talk to the hosts.
Boston forward Jake DeBrusk scored his second goal in a four-goal third period as the Toronto Maple Leafs suffered another Game 7 playoff collapse against the Bruins on Wednesday.
Despite being smaller than the Braves who featured six players with National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) of the Philippines experience, the SHAN Bruins were not one bit intimidated.