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a printed circuit that can be inserted into expansion slots in a computer to increase the computer's capabilities

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Not only does this apply to Java, but it should also apply in general to all browser plug-ins used and all applications installed on the PC," recommends Ralf Benzmuller, head of G Data SecurityLabs.
Stories and text elements are written directly in GPS using a full-featured word processor that requires no browser plug-ins.
lt;p>Gazelle is also intended to limit the dangers posed by programming flaws in browser plug-ins.
There are no Applets or proprietary browser plug-ins required.
n Installing unauthorised software and web browser plug-ins.
End users can access any XL2Web-enabled model from a Web browser without browser plug-ins or the need to install Excel, making it usable remotely or with Blackberrys and other specialized devices.
Ximian Desktop 2 also includes a Mozilla-based Web browser, popular browser plug-ins, professional fonts, and built-in Red Carpet software management.
Your Web browser should then display the video clips (and we provide links to download the proper browser plug-ins if you need them).
However, HTML forms did act as the impetus for the next evolutionary Web technology: Java applets and custom browser plug-ins.
To ride the cutting edge of Web development, you'll need to take advantage of the latest Web browser plug-ins and players.
0 offers enhanced multimedia, graphics, and image management features that make the addition of sound files, video clips, browser plug-ins, marquees, and ActiveX objects possible.