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a viewer who looks around casually without seeking anything in particular

a program used to view HTML documents

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UC Browser, part of Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group, has generated close to 10 Cr views for its cricket coverage during the course of the IPL.
The researcher apparently noticed the flawwhen triyingto open a Google query search link through the Mi Browser. "For a link such as, the URL bar would display, and this is exactly where the problem arises, because the URL bar doesn't display the full URL, and this not only happens in case of popular search engine websites but also with other websites," Khan said.
This increased nonwork-related browsing activity has led many IT security teams to focus on browser and port security.
Microsoft Edge was introduced in 2015 as the new default web browser on Windows 10.
Browser Security Plus allows enterprises to enhance network health by preventing, detecting and fixing any browser vulnerabilities.
browser add-ons like extensions and plug-ins based on their reliability and
Browser's capabilities are a product of his specialized training and the fact that computer circuits contain a particular chemical that produces a recognizable odor.
This extension is an add on the Chrome browsers from where the developers and testers can take full page screenshots of web pages and even web applications.
However, they kept the old fox and tail logo as an exclusive icon for the browser.
Google Chrome is the most popular browser in Azerbaijan, which owns 65.8 percent of the market as of July 1, which exceeds the figure for the same date last year by almost 10.5 percent.
Consumers have never been offered a browser that provides both industry leading web protection and online privacy delivered by cybersecurity experts.
With the release of iOS 11, developers at Flashphoner added compatibility with the new Safari 11 browser and presented an update that now covers Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and iOS Safari browsers.
UC Browser, a product of Alibaba Mobile Business Group, has partnered with QMobile, the leading smartphone brand with over 50pc market share in Pakistan, to further bring its users easier access, more convenient and faster internet experience.
KARACHI -- UC Browser, a product of Alibaba Mobile Business Group, has announced its partnership with Huawei Honor, the leading smartphone brand in Pakistan and abroad, to provide better mobile experience to Pakistan users this Ramadan.
"Advertising networks/brokers can only do so much, because the biggest problem with malvertising has more to do with browser and plug-in settings.