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a reddish brown sandstone

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a row house built of brownstone

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The highest and best use of a three-family brownstone such as this one would be for owner occupancy of the ground-level unit, and renting the other units for additional income," said Wolfer.
Brownstone Poets presents Brevitas Poets, Gil Fagiani, Ron Kolm, and Olivia Wu, Saturday, November 7, 2015, at 2:30 p.
Choosing to expand into a historic building isn't common among retailers--especially when the building is generally considered a residential property--but Kahn and Solomon saw the brownstone as a way to further integrate within the community.
Brownstone said it will focus initially on Latin American corporate bonds and quasi-sovereign credits domiciled in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru, as well as on providing liquidity in select Asian and European Union issuers.
Peugeot, a France-based automaker, has revealed details of the RZ Brownstone Edition.
The goal was to drive sales of their individual wares, collectively, by driving business to The Brownstone.
The name Salem conjurers up numerous dark images--witch hunts, vampires and so on--so it is an interesting twist to find that the name belongs to the hero of the story--Salem Brownstone.
The paintings, commissioned between 1905 and 1908 by non-Natives, are accompanied by unusually rich documentation, and Brownstone is exploring the dynamic between the two cultures involved in their production.
He was distressed about being able to locate an exact eco-friendly match for his three-story brownstone in the area.
a newsletter, magazine and book publisher based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, acquired six newsletters and loose-leaf products in the field of education administration from Brownstone Publishers Inc.
The library, the 1850s Morgan family brownstone to the north, and the Classical-style annex that J.
The Adult Book Club of Brownstone Books in Brooklyn, New York, gathers monthly to discuss fiction and nonfiction from various cultures.
MODERN INCARNATIONS OF the Northeastern brownstone are popping up in unlikely markets faster than mushrooms after a downpour.
Marblehead, MA), a provider of information, education, training and consulting products and services for the healthcare regulation and compliance markets, has acquired 15 healthcare publications from Brownstone Publishers, Inc.
sold 150 acres of what had been part of the Brownstone Development to Glass Investments LLC for $5.
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