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darkness resulting from the extinction of lights (as in a city invisible to enemy aircraft)

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"So far, there are brownouts, so we intend to conduct performance audit and assessment towards the end of the month in order to determine and have in-depth evaluation of its (ZAMCELCO's) operations and facilities," noted Mario Marasigan, director of the DOE's Electric Power Industry Management Bureau.
Aside from the said areas, the brownout will also affect the towns of San Leonardo, Penaranda, and Gen.
Manila Electric Corporation (Meralco) announced Sunday that several parts of the country will experience brownouts because of scheduled maintenance work from August 5-11.
While metropolitan areas enjoy stable electricity, the DOE estimates that 12 million Filipinos still lack electricity and millions more in the provinces endure regular brownouts.
Set in the Philippines, USA and Australia "Brownout - 666 or the real meaning of the swastika" is a racy, difficult-to-put-down, account of a young man's discovery journey of both life and of himself.
* GAR President Tom Raffy was recently interviewed by a southern California-based newspaper on how his firm has prepped for blackout or brownouts. According to Raffy, GAR is prepared to shut down its chiller for a day, if necessary.
After a brownout, I have to reset everything in my office and on my network.
Cotabato Electric Co-operative (Cotelco) officials said they are now implementing rotating brownouts in north Cotabato due to repairs and maintenance shutdown of power plants, including hydropower facilities in Lanao del Norte and Misamis Oriental.
At the same time, could you provide a generator, for brownouts are continuously happening and there seems no permanent solution.
In military operations, these treacherous brownout conditions often are to blame for costly mishaps.
These provisions, which we will refer to in shorthand as "brownout" provisions, (2) purport to prohibit any union or incorporated entity from using general treasury funds, and prohibit any person or organization from using any corporate or union donations, to run a broadcast ad mentioning a federal candidate within thirty days of a primary or national convention or sixty days of a general election.
Because of "brownout" conditions caused by sandstorms common in the area, the briefing items included an instrument takeoff.
A REASSURANCE[TM] Back-Up Power System will instantly and silently power non-life-supporting equipment during an unexpected power outage or brownout, providing back-up electricity until utility power is restored.
The old debate about the possibility of reducing the peak power demand that electric utilities have to meet by lowering the system voltage level by a few percent (known as a "brownout") has been rekindled by the incidence of rolling blackouts in response to overloaded transmission and distribution systems.
The 24 VDC, 6-amp power supply is fully supervised and reports any indication of AC power loss, brownout, and ground fault.