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Synonyms for brownnose

to support slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior

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Mind you, Hollande is an awful little man, a Uriah Heap who worked his way up the greasy pole by never doing anything but brownnosing. All the people involved in his sordid little circle are like him: opportunists, careerists, sexual deviants, and not very attractive to look at.
It's one of the most obvious displays of brownnosing Kipp's seen in a long time (aside from articles published in Emirates Business 24/7, of course).
"While office politics are commonly regarded quite negatively as a culture rife with back-stabbing, gossiping and brownnosing, it also has a very strong upside," McKee continued.
It is unfortunate that too many times mentors and proteges are perceived as showing favoritism on one hand or "brownnosing" on the other.
On the day of the awards, building firm Carillion flew a small plane above Liverpool city centre trailing behind it a banner which read: "Good luck LLDC from Carillion." A wonderful gesture, and shame on anyone who would dare suggest it was a spectacular attempt at brownnosing.
So much lobbying, arm-twisting and brownnosing has been invested in this that any misgivings about the Beijing Olympics are seen as disloyal and unpatriotic.
His Greatest Entertainers list smacked of brownnosing - from Parky himself and the ITV twits who did it to keep him happy.
The truth is, neither brownnosing at the office nor climbing trees, or whatever it is they do in Kathmandu, makes you a better man.