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Synonyms for brownnose

to support slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior

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Mind you, Hollande is an awful little man, a Uriah Heap who worked his way up the greasy pole by never doing anything but brownnosing.
It's one of the most obvious displays of brownnosing Kipp's seen in a long time (aside from articles published in Emirates Business 24/7, of course).
While office politics are commonly regarded quite negatively as a culture rife with back-stabbing, gossiping and brownnosing, it also has a very strong upside," McKee continued.
A wonderful gesture, and shame on anyone who would dare suggest it was a spectacular attempt at brownnosing.
So much lobbying, arm-twisting and brownnosing has been invested in this that any misgivings about the Beijing Olympics are seen as disloyal and unpatriotic.
His Greatest Entertainers list smacked of brownnosing - from Parky himself and the ITV twits who did it to keep him happy.