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Synonyms for brownnose

to support slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior

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Later, in the White House, he timidly refrains from questioning the Administration's covert support for the contras lest Jeane Kirkpatrick and other authorities deride him as "some kind of commie." North is the most floridly symptomatic of the group, identified early on by some comrades as a "hotdog" and a jockstrap-sniffer, meaning a flashy faux hero and a brownnoser. As a Marine instructor at Quantico, he ostentatiously sleeps on his office floor rather than making the fifteen-minute drive home to his wife and children.
You could tell some people were really into it and I hate to say it, like ass-kissing, brownnosers, really desperate to make a movie.
The demonstrators held one single slogan reading: "VSS - the Supreme Council of the Brownnosers!"
Seeing this, the toadies, sycophants, brownnosers and petit bourgeois of the Edwardian era followed his lead and acquired their own Panamas and - lo and behold - a uniform was born.