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Initially, Kali says she felt that she was being shamed for her appearance, and denied that she was trying to use brownness as aesthetic.
Yet socioeconomic disadvantage remains embedded in blackness and brownness, and collectively the economic status of nonwhites is far lower than for whites as a group.
22) Sexism has a direction; often aimed at particular understandings of blondeness or brownness, of dress, of youth, and of skin, cleavage, form.
She convection-roasted country ribs to brownness and cut them thin, along the grain, for presentation.
We are beautiful and unique in our blackness, darkness or brownness.
Suggesting an analogy between the writer who sculpts the poem and the reader who judges and interprets the speaker, Coleman writes: "thus you hold me / frozen in your doubtful vision / in your study of my brownness.
There was a dryness about them, a brownness, a sense of oncoming decay.
Cinnamon-colored skin, pregnant bodies, and an aging mother find themselves at the center of her creative writing--incarnations of bodies that reflect the commodification of brownness as well as the fleeting embodied experience of pregnancy and meeting the end of life.
Because you are forced to placate the blinded White heart, Less be trapped in a forever illogical argument An argument that drives you to the brink Othellian or McBethian madness, For as you clearly see the White spot upon the Brownness of your hands The evil lago acts as if it were not there Why are you washing your hands?
Before I delve deeper, there are many humanists who so love humanity that they empathetically acknowledge and see, in a Freirean (1993) sense, beyond my Brownness and almond-shaped eyes to recognize that I am a human being complete with rightful emotions in response to coping in a racialized society.
No borders, giant paradigm shifts in how we view disability, brownness, violence and guaranteed income for sick and crip folks, artists and the rest of us.
These citations allow Sun to enact brownness despite her peer's essentialist notions of identity.
This poem is written like a personal letter to all Black girls, who in spite of whatever hardships, have a distinctive beauty in their brownness.
Accordingly, the bleaching ads' appeals to whiteness, lightness, and brownness in the interwar era were not merely attempts to appropriate aesthetic qualities of other races, but more profoundly efforts to call forth the whiteness that lay within black bodies.