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Whiteness, blackness, brownness, yellowness, redness were the indelible markers for the first race anatomists: they remain so.
Leaves with excessive brownness and/or stagnant water were avoided.
He combines a little quiet comedy at the inability of the "square and sensible" (1) woman who owns the cottage where he stays to understand his need for brown paper on which to draw with self-mockery at his own requirements, which he expresses with aesthetic preciosity: "I then tried to explain the rather delicate logical shade, that I not only liked brown paper, but liked the quality of brownness in paper, just as I liked the quality of brownness in October woods, or in beer, or in the peat-streams of the North" (2).
Brown explores the trope of brownness as the ongoing accomplishment of erotic mixing in an increasingly miscegenated America.
Consumers are [telling] us, 'Give me more in a toaster, more control, more choices in brownness,' "Schober said.
The implication is that somehow I am different from the rest of the Muslims, that they are all immoderate fanatics, and that I, in my sweet brownness, have somehow met the level of acceptability.
Feel free to make the roux at a leisurly pace, slowly stirring it to the desired brownness while reading something appropriate and southern from "American Food Writing.
He was brown all over and his hair, down there, was only a sort of intensification of that brownness.
The stereotyped binary schema of whiteness typifying goodness, purity, the intellect and superiority, and blackness epitomising evil, corruption, corporeality and inferiority is rendered permeable as the masquerade of brownness threatens to dissolve, revealing its "leprous" undercoat.
She flashes a huge grin when reference is made to her blonde hair, which has recently returned after a spell of brownness, for her new role as police station receptionist Kate Keenan in Holby Blue.