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Synonyms for brownish-yellow

of a medium to dark brownish yellow color

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###5 (b, c)###2-(4-chlorophenyl)-3-hydroxy-4H-chromen-4-one Brownish-yellow crystal 15 mins.
DSS workers' dressing sense is in sharp contrast to the RSS's cadres who wear half khaki (dull brownish-yellow colour) pants and white shirts.
Coloration (Figs 53-56): Carapace low, flat, dark brown with median brownish-yellow longitudinal stripe, slightly broader in posterior part of ocular area, with two lateral yellow bands, covered with white adpressed hairs.
The mass was solid, lobulated, and brownish-yellow in appearance (Figure 2).
Common clinical nail changes in mycologically proven cases were thickening of nail plate (68.9%), subungual hyperkeratosis (63.9%), onycholysis (55.7%), roughening of nail plate (29.5%), yellowish discoloration (29.5%) and brownish-yellow discoloration (21.3%).
Juice is extracted and clarified, evaporated, crystallized and centrifuged, resulting in brownish-yellow crystals called raw sugar and molasses.
Juice is then extracted and must be clarified, evaporated, crystallized, and centrifuged, resulting in brownish-yellow crystals called "raw sugar" and molasses.
The seed pods are about one-fifth the size of pea pods and contain about twenty tiny round black or brownish-yellow seeds.
still felt guilty killing one with my math textbook--her brownish-yellow
Three weeks old and barely the length of a candy bar, the gray and brownish-yellow beast already has all 64 jagged teeth, which glint like crushed glass in the tropical sun.
Coloration: Chelicerae brownish-yellow with finely reticulate infuscation on manus, becoming more intense distally; fingers brownish-yellow, not infuscated, teeth darker due to sclerotization.