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of dark brownish to purplish red


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Ausejanus albisignatus (Knight) has the head, thorax, pronotum and abdomen black to at most dark brownish-red, as do other members of Ausejanus, including those with yellow femora, with the exception of A.
INTRODUCTION: The thyroid gland, brownish-red and highly vascular, is a palpable endocrine gland placed anteriorly in the neck and its position extends from the fifth cervical to the first thoracic vertebrae.
The statement described the bird as gray in color with a brownish-red cap and black throat.
She looked gorgeous in a dark brownish-red lehenga, high neck choli and black dupatta which were designed by her friend and designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee.
maculates), have two kinds of pigmentary organelles, brownish-red pterinosomes and yellow carotenoid vesicles (8).
However, other females are bright rufous (brownish-red).
The downside of using iodine is the water turns into a murky brownish-red color and carries a slight taste of iodine.
Pain may be the first noticed symptom.2 People with lipodermatosclerosis have tapering of their legs above the ankles, forming a constricting band resembling an inverted coke bottle.2,4 In addition, there may be brownish-red pigmentation and induration.4
"The brownish-red soils reflect red wavelengths of light back to the grapes, so you get better color, better fruitfulness," he says.
Adults are 4-6 mm long, flattened, oval and wingless, and brown to brownish-red (Figure, panel A) (1).
According to the American Medical Association, the flat, oval, brownish-red creatures, which measure about five millimeters, do not transmit any diseases.
Elegant countertops in brownish-red granite were finished with graceful European-style ogee edges and inspired the coordinating custom granite top for the Bakers' existing Ethan Allen gate-leg table.
Clinical features of lupus vulgaris are the softness of the lesions, the brownish-red colour, and the slow evolution.
Tongkat ali, which scientists call Eurycoma longifolia, is a slender evergreen shrub with bitter, brownish-red fruit that is native to Malaysia and Indonesia.