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Synonyms for brownish-purple

of dark purple tinted with brown


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kleinii are the sepals and petals with brownish-purple spots on a whitish background (Fig.
The dark brownish-purple, bell-shaped flowers will be joined by the trilliums and pond lilies already blooming, and the cow parsnips, delphiniums and bleeding hearts whose leaves have sprouted.
Nuts are a great addition too--just be aware that pecans and walnuts give a custard a brownish-purple color.
Liquid feed weekly and spray with a copper fungicide if brownish-purple blotches of blight appear on the leaves.
CHECK rhododendrons for leaf spot, identified by brownish-purple spots on the older leaves.
Sharply pointed brownish-purple spathes mottled with green, smelling like rotten meat, dot the marshy woodland floor.
In Siberia, files pollinate a culumbine with pale green and brownish-purple petals.