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Synonyms for brownish-orange

of a light brownish color


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The daisy-like flowers come in a variety of colours, including purple and creamy-white, that surround high brownish-orange cones.
In fact, one large area was just mud - sorrel also means 'a light brown to brownish-orange colour' - waiting for some grass to grow in the spring.
In heavy infections, a brownish-orange pigmentation is also present on the inner shell surface at the sites where metacercariae are located (Fig.
Just this side of funky with its brownish-orange leather, the Infiniti FX45 is rather aggressively styled, with aluminum foot pedals, a chrome-accented dash and a hard-edged steering wheel.
The resulting brownish-orange rind is lovely -- roughly textured and emblazoned with bells and grapes on the top.
Caps: Fan- to kidney-shaped, 6-18 cm wide and 1-2 cm thick near stipe; soft to corky when fresh; surface dry, smooth to wrinkled, shiny (appearing varnished) when young, dull with age and weathering, concentrically zoned and shallowly furrowed; dark red-brown to brownish-orange. Margin: White.
Drager system smoke tubes (with their marvelous original name of Stromungs-Prufrorchen) have a brownish-orange filling impregnated with fuming sulfuric acid.