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Synonyms for brownish-grey

of grey tinged with brown

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BT is generally described as a slow-growing, well-demarcated brownish-grey, for the presence of melanin, cutaneous nodule.
The tooth of Karksiodus mirus Ivanov & Marss was found in brownish-grey, weakly cemented sandstone with clay balls.
Hilara barlasi has scutum brownish-grey in anterior view, humeral bristle short and fine; anal vein only distinct at base, mid femur with anterior bristle-like hair at base, hind tibia with dorsal row of hairs as long as depth of tibia, but in H.
The Himmetoglu formation occurs in a succession of predominantly brown and brownish-grey oil shale layers between pyroclastic outcrops around the margin of the basin, which is bordered north and south by uplift areas.
IF your crop of apples has been spoiled by maggots, the prime suspects at this time of year are codling moths, small moths with brownish-grey wings with a darker tip.
Adders are also on the increase and the charity urges people to give a wide berth to these brownish-grey snakes, which are usually about one and a half feet long and can be recognised by the black diamond pattern on their backs.
'One reviewer referred to it as Snoopy meets the Smurfs on acid,' says Carpenter, who, with his neat hair, brownish-grey, herringbone tweed jacket, white shirt and neat jeans, coupled with immaculate manners and self-effacing wit, has more of the First World War biplane pilot about him than one expects in a young 21st-century artist.
Their large size, black neck and head with white cheek patches extending under the throat, and brownish-grey body make them easy to identity.
Burdock's pithy root looks like an elongated carrot, except that it is white inside with a brownish-grey skin that is peeled away before eating.
In reflected light: brownish-rose, distinct to strong anisotropism from white to rose-brown, distinct bireflectance, pleochroic from brownish-grey to violet-rose.
The member (interval 25.80-31.10 m) consists of medium- to thick-bedded, partly bioturbated, brownish-grey, slightly argillaceous dolostone with thin irregular wavy interbeds of dark grey dolomitic marlstone.