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Synonyms for brownish-green

of green tinged with brown


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An octopus is typically gray or brownish-green, but it can instantaneously change its skin color, opacity and ability to reflect light, depending upon the situation it finds itself in, or even its mood.
Inflorescence lateral, erect, simple, lax, 19-39 cm tall, brownish-green to purple; peduncle 15-21 cm long with 2-3(4) sheath-like bracts, adpressed, 0.6-1.9 x 0.5-1 cm; rachis (4.5)8-18 cm long; floral bracts ovate to ovate-lanceolate, shorter than the pedicel and ovary, 12-17 x 5-8 mm, apex acute; ovary with pedicel 1.8-3 cm long, brownish-green.
Stalks of CP 94-1100 have a brownish-green color, are partially self stripping, and have a pubescent leaf sheath.
Or the dusty brownish-green of the maple leaves in which Valdeon cheese is wrapped.
Once gessoed, students tinted the surface ground with a dead color, like brownish-green. This tint eliminated the psychologically intimidating white of the canvas, and forced the students to put enough paint on the surface to cover that rather ugly color.
The fish was recognized as the loosetooth parrotfish based on its general body morphology, large scalation, and rather drab brownish-green coloration (Fig.
Optical data: Biaxial (-), [alpha] 1.87, [beta] 1.92, [gamma] 1.94, 2V(meas.) 66[degrees], 2V(cal c.) 63[degrees]; dispersion not mentioned; pleochroism X = green, Y = light brownish-green, Z = black brownish-green, absorption Z [greater than] X [greater than] Y; Y = b, Z [similar to] c [therefore, X [caret] a [similar to] 23[degrees] in obtuse angle [beta] (J.A.M)].
"The Fine Hardwoods Selectorama," written by Larry Frye, executive director of the Fine Hardwoods/American Walnut Assn., describes mappa as a burl from Central Europe that is white to brownish-green in color.
Two inches long and brownish-green, the leech sported a sucker at each end.
The guards are seen as "uniforms," some black, some gray, some "brownish-green," and are, by turn, good-natured and then murderous.
Kutchela, a brownish-green chutney made from sun-dried and grated green mango pickled in mustard with a blend of East Indian spices and West Indian hot peppers, is delicious with grilled meats, curries, and fried chicken.