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Synonyms for brownish-gray

of grey tinged with brown

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ARN should come to mind for patients presenting with a clinical constellation of unilateral, brownish-gray KP, acute intraocular pressure elevation, and optic neuritis, and a detailed peripheral retinal examination should be performed in such cases.
East Germany is a bit of a border cliche, so I'll only mention the way it actually smelled different on either side of the checkpoint at Friedrichstrasse, with the Communists having that unforgettable, unforgotten brownish-gray fragrance of brown coal and two-stroke exhaust that still quickens my heart if ever I encounter it, as I occasionally do in some obscure corner of China.
Dorsal pelage was brownish-gray while that on the venter was whitish-gray, with a prominent white blaze on the abdomen and white patches under the forearms (Fig.
The lower level of the quarry is characterized by a more dense and siliceous brownish-gray material well-suited for aggregate needs.
Their dull, drab winter brownish-gray coat of coarse hair naturally offers concealment against dull leaves and most ground clutter.
1 cm length) brownish-gray colored cricket that inhabits the desert southwest (Fig.
It is lithologically represented by brownish, brownish-gray clays with jarosite tarnish and inter-layers of gray, fine-grained sandstones, and by marlaceous and sideritic concretions.
New sequence blends seamlessly with original footage, which has been grandly restored and enhanced for "Special Edition." Pic overall appears slightly brighter and cheerier than original version, which tended to emphasize a darker, brownish-gray color scheme.
Frogfish come in many shades, from brownish-gray to dazzling white, red, or yellow.
Feature Intensity Color NPR 4.2 Gray NTZ 3.5 Yellow-gray NTB 4.0 Brownish-gray NTrZ 3.1 Yellow-gray NEB 5.1 Brownish-gray EZ 2.4 Yellow-white STrZ 2.8 Yellow-white STB 4.2 Gray STZ 3.3
Instead, it tends to become dry, brownish-gray, scaly and thickened.
"Low Relief" focuses on London's characteristic but normally negligible brownish-gray plumage as an object of aesthetic attention.
"Where we have some of the biggest goose depredation issues is with the wintering Canada geese," said Bales, noting that the cackler, a species of Canada goose barely larger than a mallard, with brownish-gray plumage, is the biggest culprit of late.
Western screech owls are mostly gray or (especially in the Northwest) brownish-gray, while eastern screech owls may be either gray or (particularly in the East and Midwest) rusty red.